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The Secret to Keeping Your Color Longer

You spend a lot of time and money coloring your hair. And that color starts to fade soon after you leave the salon—thanks to washing, UV exposure, hard water, and even damage. It turns out, the more damaged your hair is, the faster your hair color fades. What?!

Meet the fix: our new Color Care line is a silicone-free solution that protects your color, provides UV protection for hair, and improves the health of your hair.

What it is: A breakthrough 3-product system designed to extend your hair color 2x longer than a traditional prestige color care shampoo and conditioner. Plus, it actually makes your hair look andfeel healthier.

Start using the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner immediately after you color your hair. They form a protective layer to help lock in color (and keep it from washing out) plus they help deal with some of the damage that happens when you color your hair.

Once your color does eventually start to fade a bit, start using the Whipped Glaze. There are two shades: one for blondes and highlights, and one for darker tones. It’s basically a temporary dye that counteracts any color shift and makes your color look way more vibrant. You apply it to damp hair, comb through, then style as usual. Just make sure you wash your hands after (it is a dye, after all).

Why it’s different: It’s silicone free (more on why that’s important here) and we went to some pretty great lengths to prove that it works better than other leading color care products. In fact, this system makes your color last 2x longer than a traditional prestige shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to care for color-treated hair.

The proof: Want proof that our system works

better than a traditional prestige color care shampoo and conditioner? Check these out.

And here’s how you know that our system improves the health of your hair. These images show strands of hair magnified up to 4,000x under a microscope. On the left, you see hair that had been exposed to bleach and multiple cycles of demi-permanent hair color. The image on the right shows the same hair, after using the Color Care System* for 12 weeks. Which would you rather have? 

Wondering how to maintain healthy hair after dyeing? Our damaged hair repair collection offers several must-have hair products for damaged or color-treated hair, from an intensive moisturizing mask to a lightweight hair oil. Give your hair the nourishment it needs post-color-treatment by incorporating our strengthening hair products into your hair care routine.

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