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Color Care

Our Color Care collection features a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment glazes that effectively stops colored hair from fading while also improving hair and scalp health. Formulated with our Color Locking Molecule that helps replenish the outer layer that’s often damaged by the coloring process itself, the range can make color last up to twice as long.

Our breakthrough Color Care system* makes hair color last 2x longer**-powered by our new patented technology and innovative whipped glazes.

*Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Whipped Glaze**Compared to a traditional prestige color safe shampoo and conditioner

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you are the living proof.

After using just once I loved how my hair looked and felt I was instantly hooked...It even looked great for the next day or two with just a little refreshing. Yet again another amazing product from Living Proof!

Color Care

Our scientists set out to develop a silicone-free color safe shampoo and conditioner that would effectively help stop colored hair from fading and improve the health of your hair and scalp, without any trade-offs. They wanted a hair care product that enhances color vibrancy and protects color treated hair, so you can reclaim happy and healthy hair!

Find color safe shampoo & conditioner that gently cleanses, nourishes and protects against UV, hard water and damaged hair (which can cause hair color to fade). Suitable for any hair type, our color safe conditioner forms a moisturizing layer that helps lock in color smooths frizz, repairs split ends, and replenishes the outer layer that is often damaged during the coloring process.

Science-Backed, Innovative Products for Color Treated Hair

Repair damage, strengthen hair strands, and improve color vibrancy with our color safe shampoo and conditioner. For blonde hair and dark hair, our whipped glaze color treatment counteracts color fade and balances tone, keeping your hair looking healthy and vibrant between salon visits. No hair dye required!

When it comes to colored hair, you deserve products that can strengthen and protect hair with each wash. At Living Proof, we offer science-backed products for a variety of different hair colors, each with the same goal in mind: boost color vibrancy, enhance tone, and provide lasting color protection. From color care shampoo and conditioner to color-protecting hair treatments, shop our line of color preserving products to reveal strong, noticeably healthy hair.