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Protect Sun Damaged Hair from UV Exposure

Though sunscreen might already be part of your daily skincare routine, did you know your hair and scalp are just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin? The sun's UV rays can cause a number of harmful effects to your hair, from excessive dryness and frizz, to increasing risk of scalp issues. With prolonged sun exposure, UV rays penetrate the hair's cuticle, resulting in signs of damaged hair such as discoloration, brittle strands, or split ends, with color treated hair being especially vulnerable.

Hair Care Products that Actively Protect from UV Damage

Luckily, our collection of sun-safe hair care products provide lasting UV protection combined with a host of other hair benefits, from eliminating frizz to restoring hair color. Thanks to our patented Healthy Hair Molecule, our UV-filtering products provide both humidity and UV protection while conditioning hair and promoting moisture retention. With products catered to every hair type, maintain healthy, beautiful hair free from sun damage with our selection of UV ray-protecting hair care!