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The problem: You may toss your plastics in your recycling bin...but, there's no guarantee your town or municipality will actually recycle it.

Our solution, today: We’ve taken matters into our own hands by partnering with TerraCycle, to ensure you can recycle any Living Proof bottles in the US and Canada. No matter where you purchased your Living Proof products, once you've used them up we'll recycle them (for free) for you.

Our solution, tomorrow: By 2025, we commit to decreasing our use of virgin plastic in all of our global packaging by 50%, increasing our use of post-consumer recycled material in all our plastic global packaging to at least 50%, and designing 100% of all our packaging to be recyclable.

how to recycle your living proof products
Step 1: Sign up with Terracycle
Join our free recycling program by creating an account with TerraCycle.
Step 2: Box up your empties
Use any box you have on hand. You'll need a separate box for aerosol products (like dry shampoos and hairsprays) from everything else. You can download a free return label from your TerraCycle account and drop off your box(es) at no charge at a UPS drop off location.
Step 3: Earn points and give back
For every 1 lb. you send us, you’ll get $1 in credit on TerraCycle, which you can donate to any charity of your choosing.
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How to recycle with Terracycle