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Texture Spray vs. Hair Spray: What’s the Difference?

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Texture spray and hair spray serve different purposes for your hair that aren’t interchangeable. When you learn to use these two products as intended, it can make all the difference in the longevity—and look of your style.  

Learn the difference between the two and when to reach for one over the other—or both—in this guide to texture spray vs. hair spray.

The Difference Between Texture Spray and Hair Spray 

There are a few technical differences between texture spray and hair spray—but the main difference is in their purpose. Texture spray is a styling product used to provide volume and texture to your hairstyle, while hair spray is a finishing product used to lock your hairstyle in place. 

Texture spray does provide some grip, enabling hair to hold onto the texture—but in a more undone way than hair spray. Texture spray is also typically lighter weight than hairspray—key for creating volume. Another difference: texture spray works best on dry hair, while hair spray can be used on dry or damp hair. 

Some texture sprays and hair sprays provide heat protection, meaning they protect your hair from heat and can be used when styling with hot tools. Texturizing spray and hair spray can also be used on any hair type, from fine to thick and from short to long. 

Let’s talk about the best time to reach for each. 

When To Use Texture Spray

Texture spray’s primary function is to provide volume and texture, so if you want a voluminous hair updo, a textured braid, or loose beachy waves, reach for texture spray. 

When You Want Movement

Whether you want a beautiful blowout or perfectly piecey curls, movement and body are what you’re after. Texture spray can help with that. It provides just enough hold to ensure your style lasts, but not too much so that it isn’t soft and flexible. 

When You’re Styling  

Twisted half-ups, dutch braids, and messy buns are better with texture spray. A great texture spray provides the right amount of grip to help you maneuver your hair into your style and help it stay. When you use it to gently pull at pieces of hair within a twist or braid, it can make your hair appear thicker. Sea salt spray is often a go-to texture spray for beachy waves, but there are volumizing products that also work wonders as a texture spray. Don’t sleep on this styling trick.

When You Need More Volume

When you get flat hair after a good night’s sleep or your high pony lacks oomph, texture spray gives a volume boost. Wondering how to use texture spray for volume? Lift sections of hair and spray Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray at the roots for instant lift, and spray the styling product throughout the lengths of your hair to enhance its natural texture.

When To Use Hair Spray

If you’re ready for the final touches, or are trying to achieve a sleek look, hair spray is just the thing. 

To Finish Your Look

When seeking style longevity, hair spray is key. When your curls are set, or your style is perfectly pinned in place, use hair spray as a finishing spray to lock in your look. 

Some hair sprays can be stiff and sticky, but you don’t have to sacrifice the soft, shiny, and workable look of your style for hold. Style Lab Flex Hairspray is a medium hold hairspray that leaves hair feeling touchable and brushable. When used as a finishing spray, hair spray can even be combined with texture spray. For additional hold, apply Style Lab Flex Hairspray after using Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, and your look will stay put.

To Tame Flyaways

Stylists have used hair spray to tame flyaway hair for years—it’s still one of the best methods for styling baby hairs. If you’re going for a sleek chignon, a slick-backed pony, or a pin-straight style, use hair spray as you comb your hair into place and then use it again to keep it there. 

Reminders When Using Texture Spray or Hair Spray

Wondering how to add volume to fine hair or how to add texture to hair? Reach for texture spray. When you want extra hold, reach for hair spray. The best part: These occasions aren’t mutually exclusive! You can use both texture spray and hair spray to achieve the style you want for as long as you want. Make space in your beauty cabinet, these bottles each warrant that shelf real estate.

Enjoy the full benefits of each by following the package instructions. For example: Check if the texture spray should be applied on damp hair instead of dry. Reading the instructions also lets you know if it can be used with other products, like dry shampoo, sea salt spray, or mousse. You don’t want the other product to counteract the texture spray.

With these tips, you can now style with ease. 

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