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How to Use Texturizing Spray: Step by Step Guide

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A staple in stylists’ toolkits, texture spray is an essential styling product that can amp up any look. It isn’t only for the pros, though. Everyone can learn how to use texture spray and enjoy its benefits.   

Want to add texture to hair? Texture can give your hair grip, volume, and definition. You can use texture spray to enhance any style, from tousled waves to a bouncy pony. 

  • Hair falling flat? Reach for texture spray. 
  • Want your curls to look more undone? Look for texture spray. 
  • Need a little more hold in your braid? Texture spray. 

We’ll walk you through how to use texturizing spray step by step. Scroll on to learn more.

What Does Texturizing Spray Do? 

With any hair or skin product, it’s important to understand its function and how you can use it for the best results. Texture spray shouldn’t replace your dry shampoo, your hairspray, or your volumizing mousse. It’s intended to give dry hair serious lift, lived-in texture, and grip. Dry shampoo is designed to control oil on days you don’t wash your hair.

If you’re going for a voluminous hair blowout, a full updo, or a style that says you “woke up like this,” texturizing spray is the answer.

With the right texture spray, you can achieve weightless volume and texture instantly that will last all day.

How To Use Texturizing Spray: Step by Step instructions

Texturizing spray can be used in various ways, depending on your desired look. Reach for it when you’re styling your hair to give it more volume and texture. Here are the steps to follow.

#1 Start with Your Style

How you use texture spray depends on how you want your finished style to look. For instance, if you’re using a curling iron to achieve waves, don’t reach for texture spray until the end. If you’re pulling your hair into a twisted half updo, however, you’ll use texture spray throughout.   

#2 Pick Complementary Products

Once you have your style in mind, decide whether you’ll use additional products to bring it to life. You should pick texturizing products that are created for your hair type. 

  • If your hair is thin, but you’re going for maximum volume, you want to use Full Thickening Mousse first on damp hair. Then, blow dry your hair and finish with Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray. For fine hair, you can also use sea salt spray as a pre-styling product for extra hold and volume.
  • If you have straight hair that doesn’t hold curls or waves, consider using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair. Freshly washed hair may not hold a curl as well as second day hair

For a high pony, start with texture spray before pulling it up, and then secure your style with Style Lab® Flex Hairspray. Learn more about texture spray vs. hairspray to know how to use them best separately and together. Texture spray works well with other products, so if you’ve already got your styling routine down but just want a little more texture or volume, just add it in. 

#3 Shake Product

Before using Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, it’s essential to shake the can well. This is because its chief ingredient—the Volumizing + Texturizing Molecule—is so lightweight, it floats in the can, and the shaking motion reincorporates it into the formula. So shake the dry texturizing spray before each and every use to maximize volume.

#4 Spray on Dry Hair 

While other volumizing products can be used on wet hair or damp hair, texture spray works best on dry hair. Whether you’re working on your style or completing it, make sure your hair is dry. This could also be used as a finishing spray after applying other styling products.

#5 Amp Up the Volume

When applying dry texture spray to your hair, lift a section of hair and spray it from the root to the tip, holding the can 6-10 inches away. Then tousle, twist, or tease to style. Repeat until your desired style is achieved, and remember to shake the can between each spray. 

For added volume, tip your head sideways or upside down and spray the product in small bursts near the roots and throughout the lengths of your hair. For added texture and hold, spray on finished styles. 

Upgrade Your Routine

You can use dry texture spray on day one of your style and day three, all the same. It will continue to add volume and texture to your look with every spray. It’s simple to use, and its uses are many, so you can’t go wrong adding texture spray into your routine.

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