7 Top Tips for Taming Flyaway Hair

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Baby hairs, stray hairs, flyaway hairs, whatever you want to call them, these pesky little hairs at the root of your part or hairline can cause hair to look frizzy. So, how do you get rid of them?

When it comes to getting rid of flyaways altogether, you’ll need to uncover the root of the issue. There are many reasons you may have When it comes to getting rid of flyaways altogether, you’ll need to uncover the root of the issue. There are many reasons you may have flyaway hair; it can be the result of breakage, new hair growth, static electricity, genes, or frizz. While we’ll teach you how to tame flyaways and prevent new ones from arising, your current flyaways won’t just disappear. As with all hair, shorter flyaway hairs will take time to grow before they calm down and join the rest of your mane, but you can tame them in the meantime. If you have damaged hair, you are going to want to strengthen the hair shaft so you can grow long, smooth locks free of flyaways. 

With the right products and tools, you’ll be able to tame frizzy flyaways once and for all. These tactics will keep your baby hairs and flyaway strands at bay.

1. Use A Frizz-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

Good hair starts in the shower. Frizz is often the main culprit of flyaway hair, so we suggest tackling how to get rid of frizzy hair first to minimize the flyaway hairs you have to manage when styling. The easiest way to do this is by using hair products for frizz in the shower that supply your strands with the moisture-rich ingredients they need. 

While there are many types of shampoo available, our No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, are specifically formulated to fight frizzy hair before it starts. The shampoo and conditioner are created with our updated technology, which provides a weightless shield around each strand of hair to fight the two leading causes of frizz: humidity and friction. By blocking humidity 70% better than silicones and oils, our products help smooth hair texture, leaving hair strands polished and frictionless. It also repels dirt and oil, allowing you to go longer between hair washes, which fights frizz as well. If you’re wondering how to fix damaged hair so you can achieve smooth hair from root to tip, these hair products can help.

Tip: If you’ve been wondering, “Why is my hair so frizzy?”, hair breakage and damage are likely causes. Brush your dry hair out before you get in the shower to not only make washing and conditioning it easier but also to avoid potential breakage from brushing when your hair is wet and most vulnerable. Remember, hair is fragile and is prone to breakage. In order to prevent damaged hair, you need to be careful when you brush or style it. 

2. Detangle with A Wide-Tooth Comb


Once you finish washing your hair, don’t reach for that brush while you still have wet or damp hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to work out any tangles. Start combing from the bottom of your hair and slowly work your way up to the root. This method will ensure you don’t cause fragile-when-wet hair to snap or break, resulting in more flyaways.


Bonus: Apply our No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream before combing to prevent frizz from humidity hair and help detangle and smooth strands. This product is ideal for fine hair that can easily be weighed down by other heavier detanglers.

3. Use A Smoothing Oil

Frizzy flyaway hair can often be the result of dryness. Add an extra boost of hydration to your routine with a smoothing oil. With our Vanishing Oil, your hair will look and feel smooth, shiny, and frizz-free, and be more manageable when styling. Plus, it won’t leave you with the greasy feeling you may get from other hair oil products that contain silicone.

4. Dry Gently

While you have probably grown accustomed to rubbing your sopping-wet hair with your giant terrycloth towel and twisting it into a 10lb knot on the top of your head, we invite you to try a gentler method. A microfiber towel (or even a soft cotton t-shirt) will cause less friction, meaning less frizz and damage and, thus, less flyaways. Plus, this lightweight option will put less weight on your hair when you tie it up in a towel, preventing hair breakage. 

‌If you are dealing with annoying flyaway hairs, it may be because of broken hair strands from heat styling and tight hairstyles.

Tip:  If you blow dry your hair often, make sure to apply a heat protection spray first to prevent overheating your hair and help reduce the number of flyaways.

5. Use Hairspray

The age-old trick for taming flyaways still stands, but now we have better products to enhance its effectiveness. To avoid giving your strands a crunchy look, use a flexible, lightweight hairspray such as our Flex Hairspray. This hair product offers a medium hold that is touchable and easy to brush, so you can mold your flyaways without disrupting them.

6. Embrace Bobby Pins

When all else fails (which it won’t), bobby pins will be your best friend to manage unruly hair. Use a bobby pin to keep flyaway strands from, well, flying away. Thankfully, visible hair pins and clips are in fashion, so you can use them to create many stylish hairstyles for frizzy hair. Combine this trick with another hair product like oil or hairspray to encourage hairs to stay pinned.

There may not be one magic solution for getting rid of flyaway hair, but when you confront the cause from the start and equip your beauty toolkit with products that will tame what flyaways remain, these stubborn strands won’t stand a chance. 

If your annoying flyaway strands are caused by hair damage, switch to nourishing hair products that will strengthen from root to tip. By From straight hair to curly hair, if your pesky flyaways are caused by hair damage, switch to nourishing hair products that will strengthen from root to tip. By switching to the right hair repair products, you’ll be able to reverse breakage and get one step closer to beautiful, healthy hair.

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