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How To Restore Curly Hair

If you’ve noticed that your hair texture feels dry, frizzy, dull, or stuck, you may have damaged hair in need of restoration. So, how do you restore naturally curly hair and achieve stronger curls? We’re glad you asked. The key to achieving beautiful curls that show off definition, hydration, smoothness, and shine is to strengthen the foundation of your curls through a proper curly hair care routine.

Read on to learn how to restore your damaged curly hair and prevent those locks from losing their luster again. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re experiencing damaged curls, these steps and curly hair products can help keep your curls strong, bouncy and beautiful.

The Problem

Damaged hair isn’t your fault. Whether you’ve got loose waves or tight coils, curly hair types tend to be much weaker than other hair types. That’s right—those strong, beautiful curls of yours are actually super vulnerable inside. The proteins, which give hair its strength, are more spread out along the hair follicle of curly hair to allow for those beautiful twists and turns. The more twists and turns, however, the more weak points there are along the hair follicle where it could potentially break.

So, the curlier the hair, the weaker it is. In fact, curly hair can have a natural strength as low as someone with double-bleached straight hair, which ultimately leaves hair vulnerable to frizz, dryness, dullness, and breakage.

The upshot? Damage prevention and restoration are tools every curly-haired person needs to have in their bag of tricks.

The Solution

Restoring and maintaining strong curls is possible—and easier than one might think. You can get your damaged and tangled curly hair back to its healthier state with the right routine and the strategic products. Follow these tips on how to wash curly hair and how to detangle curly hair, which will help you establish healthy habits that will have your curly hair full of life in no time.

Stick To A Curly Hair Care Routine

Wash, Condition, Style, Repeat. That’s the regular hair care routine for almost everyone.

If you have naturally curly hair, though, the way you go about it is of the utmost importance. When you learn how to create the best hair care routine for your curly hair, you’ll wash it less, condition it more, and treat it differently—which are all important steps to supplying your curls with the moisture they need and preventing damage. 

Use Strengthening Products

Your routine isn’t just about how you care for your hair, but the products you use to care for it, too. Traditional curl products may mask curl concerns; however, they often overlook their root cause: lack of strength. However, a solution for strong, beautiful healthy hair does exist.

So what’s the secret when it comes to how to restore curly hair? The Healthy Curl Complex—a biomimetic blend that forms a strengthening shield around every curl. This ingredient does the following wonders:

  • Reduces hair cuticle lift to boost strength and prevent breakage
  • Replenishes emolliency levels to increase hydration
  • Encourages curl groupings to enhance definition
  • Boosts alignment for added shine
  • Controls frizz

Regardless of your curl pattern, you can reap the benefits of the Healthy Curl Complex. Our Curl Collection is complete with a range of styling products for everyone’s hair type, from the kinky curly to the beachy wave. They all double as a leave-in conditioner, too, so you can achieve more with less. Finally, the collection features a one-size-fits-all Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner that cleanse and condition for fresh, defined curls straight from the shower.

After just one use of the shampoo and conditioner, curls will be 3x stronger. With consistent use, your damaged curly hair will begin transforming to be visibly healthier.


Prep Your Hair for Sleep

You may not think of sleep as part of your hair care routine, but knowing how to sleep with curly hair can either make or break your natural hair.

You can ensure it’s the better of the two when you properly care for your hair before bed. Some ways to protect your hair when sleeping are:

  • Putting it into a protective style
  • Reducing its contact with your pillowcase
  • Applying nourishing products that can sink in while you sleep

Taking these steps will also make it easier to revive naturally curly hair the next day. Simply add some Moisturizing Shine Oil, a puff of Dry Shampoo, and your curls will look good as new. When you sleep in it right, you also have to wash and style your hair less, which can help it recover from damage, and help prevent further damage.

We know it can take a lot to keep your curls happy, but with the right routine and products, you can strengthen your strands and experience your best curls yet. With that, check out more curly hair tips on the blog!

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