Full Dry Volume Blast got a makeover: Meet Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray

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Have you heard? Our best-selling Full Dry Volume Blast is no longer. But don’t be upset, promise.  

Enter new Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, the latest incarnation of a next-generation volume spray. This modern, versatile spray turns up the volume and texture on different styles for that imperfectly perfect, lived-in look and feel. Here, we’ll talk about how it imparts the perfect texture, pumps up the volume especially for fine, flat, and thin types, plus how it differs from Full Dry Volume Blast and those other dry texture sprays on the market.  

Walk with us, talk with us, and take matters into your own strands. 

How does Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray differ from Full Dry Volume Blast? 

Like Full Dry Volume Blast, the Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray is formulated with our Volumizing + Texturizing Molecule. This patented Living Proof technology increases the space between individual hair fibers for long-lasting volume and texture that won’t weigh down hair. 

What’s more, this spray got a level-up in a few fresh ways: 

  • A new valve and actuator which delivers a softer, more controlled spray 
  • Enhanced texturizing abilities for a second-day look and feel 
  • Heat protection up to 410° F/210° C  

How does Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray differ from other formulas?   

You’ve probably seen the proliferation of dry texture sprays at your salon, at your drugstore and at prestige beauty retailers. In addition to our Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule, Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray boasts a blend of microporous minerals and enzymatically modified starches. This is what gives your hair that lived-in, non-crunchy texture without the typical weight common with formulas from other brands. It’s also crafted with hydrophobic resins, which provide instant, buildable, soft hold that lasts—even in high humidity. 

Scientifically engineered to dial up any look, this finishing styler gives your hair immediate and long-lasting volume, plus texture and soft hold—all in just a few sprays. It instantly transforms fine, flat, or thin hair while adding major volume, coveted texture, and buildable hold. 

Shelf confidence. 

Our new Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray is packaged in a sleek, new bottle.  

Targeted volume.

Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray boasts a new valve and actuator for more even product distribution. Want texture just at the crown? This spray allows you to localize your big hair moment wherever you’d like.   

Sizzling heat protection.  

Our new formula now features heat protection up to 410° F/210° C. Want volumized, healthy curls and waves? Spray Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray on your hair before using your curling iron for a tousled, big texture.  

No-slip grip. 

It provides buildable, no-slip grip for increased styling versatility.  

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