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Get the Look: Lily Collins’ Lustworthy Lob

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It’s no secret we love Lily Collins here at Living Proof. As our brand spokesperson — and the eponymous star of everyone’s guilty-pleasure, hands-down-favorite TV show, Emily in Paris — we’re always looking to find out how each of her carefully styled looks come to life.  

That’s where celebrity stylist DJ Quintero comes in. Quintero, who has worked with Collins for quite some time (both on and off the set), gave us the scoop on how he created the sleek but natural look with just enough length that we can’t help but covet. And that’s why we recreated it just for you.  

Step 1: Volumize 

“I sprayed Full Root Lift onto the roots of her damp hair and then blow-dried. I also applied a bit to dry hair,” explains Quintero. “[My] goal was to get as much lift at the root as possible while also giving a little bend [using] the blowdryer.” 

Step 2: Protect 

After blow-drying — but before using any hot tools — Quintero applied our cult-favorite Perfect hair Day™ Heat Styling Spray all over hair. “Then I used a 1” curling iron to curl [Lily’s] hair,” he says. Not only does the formula provide heat protection up to 450°F, but it also leaves strands smooth for 48 hours. 

Step 3: Texturize 

“Once the whole head was curled, I sprayed Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray [on her hair],” says Quintero. Using his hands, he tried to break up and shake out the curls. An Allure Best of Beauty winner, the dry styler from our Full Collection adds instant, buildable, and long-lasting volume, texture, and grip. 

Step 4: Hold 

“I finished the look with Style Lab® Flex Hairspray for hold with movement,” he says. The formula sets and styles with medium hold for a touchable, brushable finish. 

Want more Lily Collins? Check out her Hair Q&A video to find out which product she’s loving — and her favorite haircut to date. 

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