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Does Heat Protectant Spray Actually Work?

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It’s not news that applying heat to hair is damaging, but it’s similar to knowing that afternoon coffee will inhibit our sleep—we still gotta have it. The difference, though, is that there is something you can do to blunt the damaging effects of applying heat. Insert heat protectant spray. Products that boast heat-protecting benefits are somewhat mysterious, though. Is heat protectant absolutely necessary? And does heat protectant actually work? 

Here we’ll answer all of your questions about heat protectant spray. Once you know how this powerful product works, you’ll reach for it more and experience less dryness, breakage, and damage from heat styling. 

What is Heat Protectant?

Heat protectants come in a variety of different formats: There are oils, detanglers, mousses, and serums, but the most common heat protectant products are sprays. Some heat protectants are solely there to provide a protective barrier between a heat styling and your hair, while other heat protectants offer other benefits such as smoothness, frizz control, detangling, and volume. 

Why Use Heat Protectant? 

Hot tools actually weaken the bonds between your hair’s proteins to give it the shape you want, but, as we know, this process can cause damage to the hair cuticle, leading to frizz, dryness, and dullness, or worse, cause hair breakage. 

So, how do you still get that shape without the hair damage that comes with it? Insert heat protectant. Heat protectants slow down the process of delivering heat to your strands, which makes heat styling gentler on them, and reduces the chance of heat damage. 

The benefit of reducing heat damage also enhances the style because healthier hair is less dry, rough, and frizzy than heat damaged hair. Instead, it’s shinier, smoother, and has more moisture. So, if you want visibly healthier hair and shinier styles, a heat protectant should have a place on your shelf. 

If you already have heat-damaged hair or you heat style often, it is particularly vulnerable. While heat protectant may simply seem like another step or another hair product on your shelf, it can make a big difference in your hair over time. In addition to using a heat protectant, we recommend using damaged hair repair products specifically formulated for heat-damaged strands to give your hair the extra strength and nourishment it needs.

Does Heat Protectant Work? 

The short answer is yes, heat protectant does work. However, not all heat protection products are created equal. When shopping for a heat protectant for you, it’s important to consider your hair type, when you typically style your hair with heat (as in wet hair or dry hair), what type of hot tools you use, and their standard heat settings or temperatures. 

Every heat protectant has a unique consistency that can be just right or too heavy for your hair, so pay attention to the hair type it is formulated for. Any sort of pre-heat styling product should help you achieve your style, not weigh it down. 

Additionally, every heat protectant has a limit to how high a temperature it protects against, so you’ll want to be mindful not to use any hot tools that go above that setting. In general, you should always use the lowest temperature that gives you your desired result. In all cases, heat protectants should be applied before you apply heat to actually be effective. 

How Does Heat Protectant Work? 

How do heat protectants work? It’s science. 

Not all heat protectants are the same, but generally, they provide protection for your hair by creating a barrier between the heat and your hair follicle and by sealing the hair cuticle, which prevents the heat from damaging the protein core of the hair. The best heat protectant sprays provide high-temperature heat protection and also aid in the heat styling process by smoothing the hair and increasing manageability.  

Our Perfect Hair DayTM Heat Styling Spray works in all of these ways, offering heat protection up to 450°F/230°C. It also provides a few more benefits thanks to a trio of powerful ingredients; our patented Healthy Hair Molecule polishes and protects strands while blocking humidity and repelling dirt so your style can last longer, while the lightweight emollient blend smooths hair, enhances shine, and makes hair more manageable.

The cationic blend controls static by conditioning hair and smoothing the cuticles. Thanks to the positively charged particles that make up this cationic blend, the formula naturally binds to the negatively charged parts of hair strands like a magnet. This makes the lightweight spray effective on both damp and dry hair, so it’s there for you whenever you need it. 

Knowing the nitty-gritty details about how heat protection spray works ensures hair is protected every time you reach for the flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, or whatever you plan to use over and over again.  

Learn how to use a heat protectant spray today and experience the benefits of healthier hair.

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