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How to Use Heat Protectant Spray

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Not sure how to incorporate heat protection spray into your heat styling routine? We’re here to help so you can sort through the various hair products online and find the perfect one to add to your routine! Read on for a complete guide on how to use heat protectant spray so your tresses can be protected and your style can be intact. 

Why Use Heat Protectant Spray?

Scientifically, your hair is a magnificent makeup of proteins at its core and an outer layer called the cuticle, which protects those proteins. 

When you apply heat to your hair, whether it’s via hot water or hot tools, that hair cuticle layer lifts and exposes the core of the strand. This is great when you want to infuse strands with moisture i.e. when you’re applying conditioner in the shower, but it can also leave strands vulnerable to hair damage and dryness. When applying hot tools like a curling wand or flat iron, you don’t want the cuticle layer to lift because it could get scorched and break off, leaving those fragile proteins that give hair its strength vulnerable to moisture loss and heat damage. 

But skipping hot tools altogether isn’t the answer. While air drying is encouraged whenever possible, it’s not always logistically feasible—and the majority of us still use heat styling methods, like blow drying, on a weekly or even daily basis to achieve our signature style. So, we’ve got to protect those strands while we’re at it, and we can with a heat protectant, which acts as a barrier between the heat from the hot tools and the natural hair, and seals the natural hair cuticle, so those proteins stay protected. 

When Should I Use Heat Protection Spray? 

Wondering how to apply heat protectant spray? When you should use your heat protection spray will depend on how it is formulated. Some sprays are meant to be used only on damp hair, while others are meant only to be used on dry hair. But if you switch off styling your hair with hot tools when it’s damp, for instance, when you blow-dry, or when it’s dry, for instance, when you reach for the curler or hair straightener, you’ll want a product that’s formulated for both dry and damp hair. Regardless of whether your hair is damp or dry, you should always apply a heat protector to your hair before you style it with any sort of heat styling tool including, but not limited to a curling iron, straightening iron, and blow dryer. 

How Much Heat Protection Spray Should I Use? 

Whether you’re spritzing your spray on damp or dry hair pre-styling, you’ll get the greatest benefit when you apply a light mist with an even distribution. With any spray bottle hair product, it can be difficult to know how much product is actually landing on your hair and where. 

This is why the right product isn’t just about the formula but about the packaging too. Our Perfect hair DayTM Heat Styling Spray has a skillful valve that distributes the highly concentrated formula in a fine mist for optimal, even delivery and coverage. Here’s how to apply the heat protectant spray: Hold the canister 6-10” away from your hair and spray it in a sweeping motion. For all-over coverage, be sure to section your hair prior to applying.

What Heat Protection Spray Should I Use? 

Heat protection spray isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all, but there are some key benefits you should look for if you want a spray that both protects your strands and supports your style:  


A lightweight formula is a good way to go to protect your hair without weighing it down or causing greasy buildup. It will allow you to achieve a voluminous style that will last, especially if you have fine hair. The ultra-fine mist of our PhD™ heat-styling spray makes it an optimal choice for fine to medium hair types, but it can easily be layered to work for thicker hair as well. 


There’s nothing worse than putting all that time and effort into a blowout and ending up with a frizz halo. While a great hair oil can combat those flyaway strands, the right heat protection spray can keep them from cropping up in the first place. The PhD™ Heat Protection Spray keeps hair smooth for up to 48 hours thanks to our Healthy Hair Molecule and lightweight emollient blend. 


Many smoothing products contain silicones, which, while they do a good job of adding shine and softness to your hair at the moment, build up over time and leave behind a greasy residue. Keep both your hair feeling cleaner and your style lasting longer by using a silicone-free heat protectant. 

High-Temperature Protection

Last but certainly not least, a good thermal protectant should obviously offer heat protection up to high temperatures. While you shouldn’t style your heat above 400 degrees if you can help it, our Perfect hair DayTM Heat Styling Spray and No Frizz Smooth Styling Serum offer heat protection up to 450°F/230°C, so you can style away without scorching your hair. 

Protecting Healthy Hair from Heat

If you’re ready to protect your hair from heat, shop our heat protectant spray from Living Proof. The proof is in the bottle. Once you start incorporating this step into your hair routine, you’ll start to experience less damage from heat.

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