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10 Colored Hair Tips for Long-Lasting Color & Healthy Hair

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There’s nothing like coloring your hair, whether it’s to change up your look and try something new or to get back to your original hair color when grays start to appear. Regardless of the reason why you decide to color your hair, you’re going to need to know how to take care of dyed hair. After all, without the proper care and maintenance, colored hair can easily fade or turn brassy (that’s yellow for blondes and orange for brunettes).

Thankfully, there are tons of color treated hair tips that can help your color last longer. From the type of color safe shampoo applied and the temperature of water used to cleanse your locks to the frequency of washing, there are a number of ways to preserve your hair color. Not only that, but there are also dyed hair tips that can help protect your tresses from damage, keeping them soft, shiny and healthy. Keep reading to learn 10 tips that explain how to take care of colored hair.

1. Prepare your hair before you dye it

Caring for colored hair actually begins before dye even touches a single strand on your head. Hair dye can be damaging if you don’t take steps to protect your tresses before you color them. This deep conditioning preparation should begin at least two months before using hair dye in order to nourish and hydrate your healthy hair. 

• Begin applying oils and hair masks to help with hydration

• Get regular trims to remove any split or dry ends

• Try to avoid heat styling tools or use a heat protectant with them‌

If you’re planning to bleach your hair, you should take an additional step the night before you switch up your natural color. Apply a hair mask like our Restore repair mask from our damaged hair repair collection to prevent additional damage to your hair shaft.

2. Consider the dye you’re using

Not all hair dyes are created equal, so it’s important to use a high-quality dye that’s free of harsh chemicals like ammonia to avoid damaging your hair. Additionally, if you’re lifting base color using bleach, be sure you or your hairstylist selects the right developer. Using one that’s too strong can dry out or even fry your natural hair.

3. Carefully follow instructions when dying your hair

Another one of the great dyed hair tips relates to the actual hair dying process. If you’re coloring your hair yourself, it’s very important to try a test patch before you dive into dyeing your whole head. It’s also vital to carefully read and follow the instructions that come with the bleach or the dye. This includes not leaving the products on for longer than the recommended time period.‌

If your hair color plan includes a hairstylist, you’ll want to do your research to make sure that you select a professional who knows what they’re doing.

4. Wait a few days to shampoo after dying your hair

For people who wash their hair every day, this is one of the colored hair tips that can be hard to follow. However, it’s an important one to help keep your color from bleeding or fading. Try to wait at least 2 days after having your hair colored before you wash it. This will give the hair color time to set in well.‌ If you really think that your hair is dirty or oily, you can turn to dry shampoo. This fan favorite is in many bathrooms for a good reason. It can help remove dirt and oil in between washes.

5. Cut down on washing your hair in general

Speaking of washing your hair, one of the best dyed hair tips is to reduce the number of times you wash your hair. Your hair color can bleed and fade when you wash your tresses too often. To make your color last longer, simply space out your washes.‌ For example, if you wash your hair every other day, try to space out your washes even more to only do it twice a week. Then, simply use dry shampoo on the other days when you need a refresh. Not only will this washing schedule help your color last longer, it’ll also preserve the natural oils from your scalp that help nourish and maintain healthy hair.

6. Select sulfate-free haircare products formulated for color care

The hair products you use make all the difference as you learn how to care for colored hair. You know that colored hair is more susceptible to damage, color bleeding and fading, but did you know that color care products can help avoid these problems? ‌When searching for hair products online, look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that form a protective layer over the hair shaft to help maintain the shade of color. Additionally, products without sulfates don’t strip the natural protective oils from your hair or leave deposits that can change your base color. 

Our breakthrough Color Care system is a great example of a haircare line that can help make your hair color last longer. For example, our Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner have been specially formulated by scientists to address the universal issues that can cause your color to fade, regardless of the other protective measures you may take. Some of these culprits include color washout, damage, UV rays and hard water. Our Color Care shampoo is the best shampoo for colored hair because it protects your hair color from these culprits.

This system also includes our Color Care Whipped Glaze Light for blondes and Color Care Whipped Glaze Dark for brunettes. This whipped glaze deposits temporary dyes to instantly boost vibrancy, keep your color strong and keep your hair from looking brassy. It’s the perfect complement to color treated hair.

7. Think about the water when washing your hair

As you research how to maintain colored hair, you’ll learn that the temperature of the water matters. You might love a steamy shower but washing with hot water can lift up the cuticles on the outer layer of your hair. When the hair cuticle lifts, your strands become more likely to experience moisture loss, frizz and damage. To combat this issue, always rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water. This seals your hair cuticles and keeps the color in your hair shaft.‌

In addition to the temperature of the water, you’ll also need to know whether you have hard water. About 85% of Americans have hard water in their home, which means the water contains large amounts of minerals, with calcium and magnesium being the most troublesome. These minerals can cause your color to appear faded or dull, while also making your hair feel brittle and dry. One of the most recommended ways to solve this issue is to install a water softener in your home.

8. Treat your hair to leave-in conditioner treatments

Conditioning your hair with color care products every time you wash is an effective way to maintain its soft and bouncy appearance, while maintaining the color. However, conditioning in the shower isn’t enough. You also need to incorporate a leave-in conditioner as part of caring for colored hair. The beauty of a leave-in is that it forms a protective layer over your hair shaft. It also minimizes damage from the sun and can help alleviate any frizz.‌

Our Leave-In Conditioner is a hydrating treatment that provides an extra dose of conditioning and frizz protection. Not only is it free of chemicals like parabens and silicone, it’s also color-safe and perfect for chemically treated hair. This extra dose of moisture helps combat the dryness that’s a common side effect of coloring your hair.

From hair dryers to straighteners, heat styling tools are a common part of many people’s everyday hair grooming. However, using heat tools on a regular basis can cause considerable damage to your hair, especially right after you get your hair colored. If possible, cut down on using styling tools that involve heat. Here are some specific colored hair tips regarding the use of heat:

9. Take steps to protect your hair from heat‌

• Let your hair air dry instead of blow drying it

• Use styling tools on the cool setting

•Keep the hairdryer at least 15 cm away from your hair‌

Finally, when you do use heat, be sure to apply a heat protectant first.

10. Prepare your hair before swimming‌

The chlorine in pools is great for keeping your swim sanitary, but it can also weaken and discolor your hair. Before you hop in for a dip, you’ll want to take a few precautions to spare your hair. We recommend either wearing a swim cap or using a leave-in conditioner to form a barrier between your hair and the water.‌

Now that you have a wealth of dyed hair tips, you can feel confident that your hair will maintain its color and shine for longer. Be the living proof that proper hair care can help your tresses look and feel their best.

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