perfect hair day™ triple detox shampoo

Women know that styling products can lead to buildup, but they may not realize that there are actually 3 big causes of product buildup. And, removing buildup is a necessary step in every woman’s haircare routine—whether or not she uses styling products.

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Detoxing from the big 3
The Ingredients

Perfect hair Day™ Triple Detox Shampoo is formulated with a powerhouse base of activated charcoal, a moisturizing and soothing complex, and proprietary technology that provides a total solution to healthy hair and scalp.

  • A highly charged anionic polymer removes product buildup, while a chelating agent binds to the metal ions and hard water and removes them from your hair
  • Activated charcoal absorbs excess oils from your hair and scalp
  • Gentle but super-efficient, sulfate-free surfactant blend removes pollution particle buildup
  • Scalp moisturizing and soothing complex (includes witch hazel extract) balances hydration and forms a lipid layer to reinforce the scalp’s natural barrier
  • Our Healthy Hair Molecule keeps hair cleaner, longer by repelling dirt and oil

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Breaking down the buildup
Hard Water

Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium copper and magnesium, which can leave your hair feeling dry, dull, and unmanageable.

  • Nearly 85% of people in the U.S. have hard water
  • Hard water isn’t caused by your pipes, but by the water source
  • Hard water isn’t a health risk, but it can change how your hair feels and looks

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Getting a clean start
Key benefits

The innovative cream-to-lather formula fully cleanses your hair without stripping and gently removes buildup from the three big causes: product, pollution and hard water.

  • Reveals soft, shiny, manageable hair and a clean, revitalized scalp
  • Cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp
  • Customize your usage depending on the degree of your hard water

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