How to use PhD In-Shower Styler

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday shows us how to create the perfect air-dried waves with our customer advocate, Tiffany.

Perfect hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner

Step 1.

In the shower, prep your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

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Step 2.

Then, generously apply Perfect hair Day™ In-Shower Styler from roots to ends to enhance body, and add softness and shine to air-dried hair.

Once the product is applied, shake your hair out at the roots and wring out excess moisture at the ends.

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Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler

Perfect hair Day Body Builder

Step 3.

After your shower, towel dry your hair and scrunch (yes, scrunch) while your hair dries to help form waves. Use your finger to curl any pieces that are falling flat.

Finish your look with Perfect hair Day™ Body Builder. Simply shake can, and spray 6-10” away from your hair.

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