What does the acronym OFPMA stand for?

OFPMA is short for octafluoropentyl methacrylate.

What does OFPMA do?

OFPMA creates a weightless, invisible shield that repels dirt and oil to keep hair cleaner, longer.

Where does OFPMA come from?

Our team of scientists and stylists are continuously working to deliver the best hair results for our consumers. Determined to solve (rather than mask) hair issues, such as frizz and accumulation of dirt and oil, our Discovery team set about finding a solution. Concluding that no existing material did the job, our best-in-class scientists discovered the use of OFPMA for treating hair.

How do you choose your ingredients?

Product safety is our top priority. Our ingredient choices are based on three factors: laws and regulations; our own internal safety assessments and quality and performance.

What was your OFPMA discovery process?

As for all our Discovery solutions, working from our number one priority - product safety – our discovery process typically involves the following steps.

First, what are we trying to solve?
Typically, a Discovery project starts with identifying existing problems and potential opportunities in the hair care market.

Idea Screening:
Typically, a Discovery project starts with identifying existing problems and potential opportunities in the hair care market.

Concept validation.
Once a lead system or a new technology is established, Discovery will present the concept to the Living Proof board and our external science advisory board.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.
We then go through an intensive phase of testing, with the aim to demonstrate safety, superiority over existing technologies and potential scalability.

Ready to launch.
The Discovery team then works closely with the product development team before fully integrating the technology into Living Proof products.

Is OFPMA safe?

Yes. OFPMA is thoroughly researched and regulators around the world confirm that it is safe to use – for you and for the environment.

Is OFPMA sustainable?

Our consumer research shows that those who use Living Proof products need to wash their hair less often, therefore reducing the amount of water used and their wider environmental footprint. Our products containing OFPMA also help to generate healthier hair over time, reducing the need for hair cures, hairsprays and energy-consuming heat tools.

Is OFPMA like other per and polyfluorinated substances?

The group of per-and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) is very large. Some of these substances are considered problematic, while some, like OFPMA, are safe as has been confirmed by regulators around the world.