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Most Common Causes for Dry Hair

Hair that looks and feels dry is frustrating and difficult to manage. But why does this happen? There are many culprits of dry hair with the three main causes being:

  • Moisture loss
  • Damage
  • Scalp buildup

We’ll not only cover the dry hair causes but also the solutions to each of them so you can experience soft, smooth, shiny hair once again. If your hair feels dry (i.e. brittle, rough to touch, and split ends) discover solutions to these culprits and hair repair products that will help rejuvenate your hair.

The Cause: Moisture Loss

Lack of moisture could be from any number of reasons, including the environment, the hair products you’re using (and might be overusing), and hair texture. 

For one, dry climates contribute to dry hair because the molecules in the air are thirsty for water molecules, and thus pull them out of the hair. The opposite of this reaction is why your hair gets big and frizzy in humid climates—because it’s pulling the water molecules from the air and swelling with the added moisture. 

Secondly, lack of moisture could be a result of overwashing the hair. Some shampoo is great at cleansing the hair of excess sebum (or its natural oils), but those natural oils are what keep hair hydrated. While they can be replaced with conditioning products, and replace themselves over time, frequent washing can strip the hair of moisture.1

Finally, certain hair types, particularly curly hair, are more prone to moisture loss because of the way their follicles are shaped. As the hair follicle curves and bends, its cuticle layer lifts, which can allow moisture to escape more easily.2

The Solution: Supply Moisture

Wondering how to moisturize dry hair? With the right products and regimen, you can recoup moisture loss. Incorporate moisturizing products like a hair mask and hair oil into your routine, such as our Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Weightless mask and Vanishing Oil. Use the mask once or twice a week to condition and replenish healthy hair’s natural protective layer.

If you have curly hair, consider products formulated especially for your hair type like those in our Curl Collection. The curly hair products in our Curl Collection include conditioning stylers, curl shampoo, and conditioner, all powered by our Healthy Curl Complex, an ingredient that provides a fortifying shield around every single strand.

The Cause: Damaged Hair

Damage may be another reason that your hair looks and feels dry and brittle. Hair damage can result from many causes including:

  • Overbrushing
  • Heat styling tools (flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer)
  • Chemical treatment (chemical perm, relaxer, or bleach dye)
  • Overwashing
  • Drying
  • Tension from sleeping3

When the hair is damaged, the cuticle layer lifts and sometimes even breaks away. This layer is what seals moisture in, which is why hair can become dry as a result of damage.

The Solution: Repair Damage

While damage can sometimes feel irreversible, it isn’t. With the support of hair strengthening products, your dry brittle hair can attain strength and recover.

A great place to start the repair process is with our Restore Repair Mask, which can repair dry hair in minutes. It helps to reverse hair damage and protect it from future damage by smoothing the cuticle layer. It also works to provide your hair with nourishment to keep it soft and shiny. Another way to protect hair from future damage is to use Restore Perfecting Spray, a detangling spray for wet hair that provides lasting smoothness and natural shine as well as UV and heat protection.


The Cause: Scalp Buildup

The third cause for concern when it comes to dry hair is scalp buildup. Scalp buildup can be a result of hard water (water that has a high amount of dissolved minerals), pollution, harsh hair products, or a combination of all of these.

When these things build up on the scalp, they cause irritation and block the oil glands that deliver essential hydration to hair strands. It’s important to use scalp products that remove buildup.

The Solution: Reduce Buildup

Getting rid of scalp buildup can be done in one fell swoop. Reach for Clarifying Detox Shampoo, which contains a host of powerful ingredients such as an anionic polymer, gentle surfactant blend, activated charcoal, and more, to remove buildup from hard water minerals, products, and pollution particles. It also contains a scalp moisturizing and soothing complex with witch hazel that helps moisturize the scalp. This will ease your scalp after the powerful ingredients do their deep-cleansing work.

With the tips and hair care products outlined above, you can work towards fixing your dry hair and achieving healthy hair. Browse our products at Living Proof to transform your hair care routine today.

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