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How to Get Voluminous Beach Waves with Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray

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When it comes to a style that’s supremely versatile and easy to DIY, we’re all on the same wavelength. Beach waves are a go-to for a reason: They’re always on-trend and work for a multitude of textures, lengths, and occasions, making them the perfect way to amp up your volume for events formal and casual. Even better, beachy waves look good in an updo, in a half updo and worn down for a boho moment. Right now, we’re going to walk you through an easy, 9-step look created by our stylist Tiffany that you can do on your own with Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray.  

Step 1: Start with Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. 

Prep hair for styling with a clean canvas. This innovative dry shampoo not only eliminates dirt, sweat, and oil, but also provides bonus conditioning benefits to leave hair soft and shiny.  

Step 2: Section, spray + curl.  

Section hair, then apply Flex Hairspray to each section for flexible hold and heat protection up to 410°F/210°C. Depending on the thickness of your hair, use a 1-1.5” curling iron, working vertically through each section and twirling the iron away from your face. Let cool, then finger comb if you’re looking for a separated and more tousled effect. 

Step 3: Go big with NEW Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray. 

The key thing with Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray is to shake it—before every single spray—as you work through hair. Shaking the can vigorously activates our patented Volumizing + Texturizing Molecule. 

Step 4: Section again + spray. 

Holding the can 6-10″ from your hair, spray onto 2-inch sections throughout the hair on one side. Hold each section up and continue to shake the can before each spray onto the roots as well as all over the hair. Finger comb into place, perfect your part, do all that tousling you do when you’re getting ready—mirror face optional.  

Step 5: Add one more spray for good luck. (Not really, but kind of.)  

Complete with a final spray (or a few final sprays, depending on the amount of volume, texture, or grip you’re going for) to your finished look. Don’t forget to keep a Travel Size in your bag so you can revive your style as needed. 

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