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A good haircare product should perform in both the lab and in real life, blending proven results with ease of use. That’s why, naturally, we had to put Triple Bond Complex to the test — and who better than celebrity stylists and hair experts to do just that? At a recent shoot, we asked five hair stylists and colorists on set to share their thoughts on our latest product. 

That’s because Triple Bond Complex isn’t just any strengthening treatment. In a market filled to the brim with bond builders and hair strengtheners, we knew Triple Bond Complex had to go the extra mile. It’s the future of hair repair: Our weekly treatment is engineered to build 8x stronger*, smoother and shinier hair in just one use while protecting against future damage. And, unlike competitors, it targets all the bonds in hair, not just a select few — which is how its 3D Fortifying Technology is able to undo damage for hair that looks and feels like new. 

With that, here’s what the pros had to say about it. 

*Against grooming breakage vs untreated 

Lp. celebrity colorist and brand ambassador Jenna Perry

Woman styling hair in a salon.

“I’ve never had a bond protector that’s been so great before. I will definitely be using it after every color treatment to protect and repair all of my work. I [also] use Triple Bond Complex at home myself because I also color my hair, and I find that it keeps my hair vibrant and healthy. I think the fact that you can use it by itself is wonderful — and it’s also a really great style product at the end of a service.” 

Lp. celebrity curl and brand stylist Ursula Stephen

Woman washing hair in a salon.

“I really love the Triple Bond Complex because it’s so easy to add to my clients’ hair regimen. It instantly makes the hair look and feel softer, shinier, and healthier. I love that it repairs damage and also future-proofs my clients’ hair, so they don’t worry when they’re curling, coloring, or styling their hair. 

I like to add the Triple Bond Complex to damp hair after I’ve shampooed and conditioned hair. If I’m working with a curly client, I like to cocktail it with one of our curl-conditioning stylers, and allow it to sit in the hair for about 10 minutes. Then, I zap it with a diffuser to really lock in those bonds. If you like to air-dry your hair, you can give it a quick shot of heat and then let the rest air-dry on its own.” 

Lp. global creative director Michael Shaun Corby 

“Not only do my clients get a total reset on the health of their hair, but the style memory is off the charts. All my clients’ styles are lasting so much longer, and the colors are looking more vibrant. It’s better, faster, stronger: It’s better because it outperforms other bond builders. It’s faster because it works in 10 minutes without rinsing or adding a bunch of extra steps, and it gives me instant results. And it’s stronger because it repairs all three types of bonds — so it repairs, rebuilds, and protects your hair from future damage.”  

Lp. celebrity and brand stylist DJ Quintero 

Man brushing hair in a salon.

“I personally love Triple Bond Complex because I can give it to my clients, who are in and out of the chair, getting their hair done every day, and it helps strengthen and protect from damage on a day-to-day basis. It’s actually making the hair stronger—really.” 

Lp. pro expert and textured hair specialist Errol Douglas

Man styling hair in a salon.

“The biggest difference I’ve seen using Triple Bond Complex is that hair actually looks like hair, it looks like hair. It doesn’t feel synthetic—it feels real. And my clients want hair that feels real. It’s moving hair in the right direction, especially with the technology and the innovations.” 

Want to see what the hype is all about? You can now shop Triple Bond Complex and see the results for yourself. 

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