The Ultimate Toiletries List for Travel

Your tickets are booked, the itinerary is set, and now all that is left to do is pack. Love it or hate it, it’s always helpful to have a packing checklist at hand so you don’t forget anything. That’s where we come in. Packing toiletries is something of an art, since it’s not ideal to arrive at your destination only to find that you forgot sunscreen or dry shampoo. Pull up this toiletries list when you go to pack up your bathroom and you’ll have every toiletry item you need for wherever you’re headed.

15 Essential Toiletries to Take with You

We have structured this toiletries packing list in a particular order; pack the top of the list first and wait until the last minute to throw in the essential toiletries at the bottom of the list. Pro tip: Before you start pulling things from the vanity, have your toiletry bag ready. Then you can grab and place items into your travel toiletry bag as you go. Plus, this means the things you need right away, like your face wash and deodorant, will be right on top when you open your toiletry kit once you arrive. 

1. Lotion 

Skin gets dry during travel and sometimes sunburnt if at the beach, so a body lotion never goes unused. Plus, you never know what kind of scent or formula you’d be left with if you depend on what the hotel will have.  

2. Hand Sanitizer

You may already have hand sanitizer in your bag, but in any case, we’ll leave it on this list to ensure you don’t forget it. Throw in a few sanitizing wipes while you’re at it, which always seem to come in handy while traveling. 

3. Sunscreen

Whenever you’re traveling whether it’s the summer months or not, sunscreen is an essential toiletry. When we travel, we typically spend more time outside than we do when we’re home. Protect your skin, face, and body, from the sun’s damaging rays by slathering on sunscreen every morning and throughout the day while away. 

4. Eye Care 

If you wear contacts or glasses, or even if you just struggle with allergies, you should never travel without eye drops. If you’re a lens wearer, you should also never leave home without a spare pair (or several) of contacts, contact solution, and backup glasses. Planes and new environments dry out your eyes and you wouldn’t want to find yourself on your trip without being able to see.  


5. Shampoo and Conditioner 

Wondering what size travel shampoo bottle on an airplane is allowed? Rather than lugging your full-size shampoos, stock up on travel-size everything, starting with travel size shampoo and conditioner. Better yet, you don’t have to visit the travel aisle at your local drugstore and make do with whatever they have in stock. We carry every kind of travel size hair products you could need or want online, whether you are fighting frizz or caring for color-treated hair.  

6. Dry Shampoo

One way to make your hairstyle last as long as possible? Bring along dry shampoo, like the travel size Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo. It keeps hair clean and style fresh for as long as you might need.

7. Styling Products

If you plan to style your hair while on vacation, styling products are a must. Thankfully, there are travel-sized ones too. In addition to the essentials such as detangler and hairspray, you may want to throw in a curl enhancer or hair volumizing spray too. 

8. Roll-On Perfume

There’s no sense in traveling with a fragile glass bottle full of expensive liquid with a loose cap — but that doesn’t mean you should be without perfume when you travel. Many fragrances come in convenient roll-on tubes that are perfect for packing. So, find your signature scent in a roll-on version and take it with you. 

9. Hair Brush or Comb

No toiletry bag is complete without a hairbrush to take out the tangles that result from a day well spent or to fix your style just how you like it. Whether it’s your favorite brush or a mini version of it — or a comb for teasing or taming flyaways — you’ll want your go-to hair tool with you. While you’re at it, grab a few soft scrunchies for sleeping and hair ties for adventuring. While it won’t fit in your toiletry bag, a hat can be a great style-saving tool while traveling too.    

10. Razor

It’s so easy to forget a razor — it’s out of sight in the shower, after all. And since you’re taking travel size shampoo and conditioner and don’t need to go into the shower to grab them, it’s really the only thing in there. So, here’s your reminder, go and grab it, or grab a disposable one so you can say goodbye to pesky hairs on the go. 

11. Skincare

Everyone’s skincare routine is unique, so what falls under this umbrella is up to you. Think moisturizer, serums, eye cream, lip balm, and more. Reach for what you need morning and night, but remember to travel light, if possible. Take your regular products, not the ones you just use once a week, to save space, and once again, reach for travel sizes if you have them. If you have a mask that “saves” your skin, throw that in too. You never know how your skin will react to new environments or the stress of travel.  

12. Makeup

Whenever you add it to your toiletry bag, be it the day before or the day of, add each item of makeup after you apply it so you don’t forget anything you use regularly. Then, add any special palettes you want to use while on your trip. Don’t forget makeup removing wipes as well! 

13. Face Wash

Travel size skincare is also worth investing in, but if your favorite face wash doesn’t come in a tiny size, you can transfer it to a small reusable tube or bottle if you’re flying with it, or throw in the full size before you leave if it fits. After a full day of travel or activities, nothing will feel as good as washing your face.  

14. Deodorant

One of the last items to enter your toiletry bag should be deodorant. After you use it on the day you’re leaving, pop it right in the bag so you can tackle the sweat and odor that comes with adventure. If you can find them, bring along a few deodorant towelettes as well, which are easy to throw in your bag and use when you’re out and about.  

15. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

The final item on this toiletries packing list is perhaps the most critical, and as we mentioned at the start, the easiest to forget. Don’t worry — if you do miss this step, many hotels, convenience stores, and even the airport all have toothbrushes stocked in their inventoryn. To avoid the hassle, leave your toiletry bag open and at the ready the morning you’re leaving, so when you’re done brushing your teeth you can transfer your toothbrush to it. Grab a travel-size toothpaste and you’re ready to go! 

Bon voyage! 

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