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How to Do a Summer Hair Refresh

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Summer means long days at the beach, lazy weekends outdoors, and spending time with friends and family — and, notably, not spending an hour on your hair routine. While a sleek blowout or complicated updo can be nice, it’s not exactly practical in the summer, what with the sweat, the salt, and the sun.

That’s where certain stylers come in. “No matter your hair type is, when we are styling, having the right products to make it easier is a must,” says Maria Mahoney, Lp’s Product Insights & Testing Manager. These products offer a summer hair refresh that can take hair from the boardwalk to a date night, and help wash days last all week. Here, Mahoney shares how to use them in every summer scenario. 

Set the volume 

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Love a beachy blowout, but can’t bear to heat-style hair in, well, the heat? No sweat. Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray delivers oomph to beachy textures in a matter of seconds. “Spray it through your lengths for added texture and a more lived-in look,” says Mahoney. It’ll have you ready to hit the sand, whether you’re surf-side or landlocked. 

Bring the bounce

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While a detangler product is always a good idea post-wash — as it can make air-drying hair a breeze — a versatile formula like Restore Perfecting Spray can be used throughout the day, too. “It’ssalways an easy go-to for refreshing your hair,” says Mahoney. “Curly girls can use it for a quick refresh, to add extra conditioning, and to redefine texture.” Plus, it’s essential for providing UV protection in the event that you went for a swim and, as with sunscreen, need to re-up on your coverage. 

Go from pool to party 

If you’re ready to pack it up at the beach or pool and head to dinner, a quick refresh is in order. If your hair is prone to frizz — we see you, waves and curls — smooth it over with a conditioning spray. “Instant De-Frizzer is great for a fast transition after a beach day,” says Mahoney. “This on-the-go spray adds moisture and shine back to your hair while bringing down some of that summer frizz.” 

Another option: Lean into the wet look by keeping things sleek and pulling hair back. “Style Lab Flex Hairspray can be used for extra hold on wet or dry hair,” says Mahoney. “If you are styling a sleek bun after the shower or smoothing down those fly-aways, Flex Hairspray is the perfect styling tool.” 

Rest and reset

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Wrap up a long day — or do a deep-clean the next morning — with our Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. It cleans hair as well as a rinse-out formula without requiring actual suds, leaving hair soft, shiny, and residue-free. It also balances the scalp’s sebum levels to keep hair looking fresh at the roots. 

If it’s been a while since your last wash, however, hit the shower with the Clarifying Detox Shampoo in hand. The gentle formula removes buildup from products, hard water, and pollution without stripping strands of moisture, leaving hair soft, shiny, and more manageable. “It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to reset their hair — and even better in the summer days when we are outside enjoying the pool and ocean,” Mahoney says. That said, summer hair is what you make of it — so it’s worth stocking up on any stylers that allow you to enjoy the warm weather and long days to the fullest, now through September.

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