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Two Summer Hairstyle Ideas Using Dry Shampoo

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Part of the magic of summer is in its effortlessness, and that goes for hair — the breezier, the better. Summer hairstyle ideas, however, still have to check a few boxes in order to go into the rotation. For one, getting your hair off of your neck feels so good. (It’s literally 90 F today.) Hot tools? Maybe, depending on how much AC is available. And no offense to the blowout, but air-drying hair is another way to ward off the weather.

But above all, the easiest way to eliminate oil, sweat, and odor friends strands is to employ the assistance of dry shampoo. So we asked Lp.’s very own stylist, Molly Leahy, to create a slew of styles with dry shampoo. Whether you prefer our original Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo or have added the new Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo, it’s all these looks require. Consider your summer hair struggles officially solved. 

Half-up rope twist

Step 1: Prep your hair. 

First, shake your can of dry shampoo well and apply to the roots. Wait 30 seconds, then massage and shake it out. 

Step 2: Begin your braid. 

Starting at your part, section off a 1-inch section of hair and divide it evenly. Wrap the piece closer to your hairline over the other in a French-braid style until you reach the ears. 

Step 3: Build on your braid. 

At the ear, twist each section in the opposite direction of the other as you move away from your face. Repeat on other side. 

Step 4: Secure and tighten. 

Secure both rope braids together underneath chin with an elastic, then flip it over your head and pull to tighten.

Rope twist ponytail 

Step 1: Create the half-up rope twist. 

You’re already ahead of the game. 

Step 2: Form your updo. 

Split the hair that’s not in the rope braid into two sections, then pull them into a ponytail above the braid and secure with an elastic. Remove the smaller elastic you used to tie the braids together. 

Step 3: That’s a wrap. 

Wrap a small section of hair around the ponytail elastic, tucking the end in. You’re good to go! 

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