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What to Look For in a Shampoo for Oily Hair


If your hair falls limp and shiny by lunchtime regardless of how often or carefully you shampoo, it’s hard not to feel stuck in a hopeless loop of an oily scalp and oily roots. ‌But you don’t have to resign yourself to rinsing and repeating with any old shampoo. Break the cycle and find the best shampoo for oily hair. You deserve it. Get ready to claim happier, cleaner hair for good, finally.

That Get to the Root of Oily Hair

sulfate free shampoo can and should do most of the heavy lifting for you to address these common causes of greasy-looking locks: 

Environmental stressors – This includes everything from the sweat that builds up after workouts and dead skin cells to the many types of dust and dirt that lurk everywhere around us. ‌

Styling rituals – Too much heat and treatment can be stressful and drying on your strands and could actually trick your scalp into producing extra oil to compensate. Styling product buildup also contributes to unwanted shine and heaviness.‌

Hormones – Hormonal swings can wreak oily havoc on your scalp. Elevated stress levels or certain medical conditions could both play a role in your excess sebum.

A Shampoo with the Right Stuff

So, what is the best shampoo for oily hair? A high-quality product that does exactly what you’re looking for without compromising on essential building blocks. That means steering clear of ingredient combos in hair products and regular shampoo that don’t live up to your hair aspirations.

Skip the Sulfates(SLS & SLES) While they’re not outright dangerous, these cleansing components get things a little too squeaky clean. The truth is, even if you’re struggling with oily hair types, your scalp needs its built-in, natural oils. Sulfates can strip away all the good along with the bad, leaving your scalp dry and irritated without really eliminating extra grease.‌

When shopping for an effective shampoo for greasy hair and greasy roots, reach for a formula that uses alternative surfactants that allow your scalp to feel refreshed rather than depleted. And if you love a rich lather, you can still enjoy luxurious foam with a Living Proof sulfate-free shampoo that promotes cleaner, healthier hair for longer between shampoos. This goes for color treated hair and fine hair as well.

Say No to Silicone

Greasy hair has a tendency to look lifeless, which is why a good shampoo for oily hair is loaded up with volume-boosting ingredients. ‌‌One ingredient category that doesn’t make the cut is silicone. Silicones are a type of occlusive material that locks in moisture. These substances are used to increase shine and smoothness, but in shampoos and hair care products, they tend to sit on top of your strands and weigh them down. ‌Lighten the load on your mane by steering clear of these common silicones:‌

‌• Dimethicone

• Cyclomethicone

• Amodimethicone

• Cetearyl methicone

Helpful Oil-Absorbing Agents

When you’re battling oily hair, you want a shampoo that directly addresses excessive oil production. Here are a few standouts:

Activated charcoal – This material has been around for ages but it’s become all the rage in the contemporary beauty world for its ability to draw out the bad stuff. In our Clarifying Detox Shampoo, activated charcoal expertly absorbs excess sebum and leaves your scalp feeling balanced.

Tea tree oil – A natural antiseptic, this oil can reduce bacteria that causes scalp irritation and itchiness. It’s also effective at reducing unwanted oiliness.

Green tea – Antioxidant-rich green tea isn’t just for drinking. When incorporated into shampoos, green tea extract can handle excessive sebum production while also smoothing and moisturizing the scalp.‌

Vinegar – Vinegar-formulated shampoos can have a clarifying and balancing effect on the scalp and are known to aid in reducing frizziness, dandruff, and oiliness too.

How Living Proof Gets the Job Done

At Living Proof, we know exactly what shampoo is good for oily hair. We’re eager to share the wealth with science-backed shampoos that are specially designed to tackle your concerns. ‌‌

But you don’t have to resign yourself to rinsing and repeating with any old shampoo. Break the cycle and find the best shampoo for oily hair. You deserve it. Get ready to claim happier, cleaner hair for good, finally.‌‌

Here’s how you know our shampoos are the real deal:

Patented, science-backed formulas – Our unique Healthy Hair Molecule is our answer to silicones. This formula removes residue left behind by products and pollution and preps hair for lightweight yet full-bodied and long-term cleanliness. Whether it’s a shampoo for oily hair or dry hair, that means fewer shampoo days and cleaner hair in between washes.

Quality ingredients – You’ll never find any SLS or SLES sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde in our ingredient list. Instead, we use sulfate-free surfactants that clarify without stripping and targeted oil-tackling agents such as activated charcoal and witch hazel for optimal oil absorption and soothing moisture for the scalp. Have oily roots but dry damaged ends? Our ingredient formula also makes for the best shampoo for damaged hair.

Find Your Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

Ultimately, when it comes to tackling oily hair, you want long-term results.‌

And that’s why we’re passionate about providing transformative products that extend beyond a single day—for many future days of clean hair days.‌

If you need help finding the right shampoo for tackling your oily hair concerns, we’re here to help with the process. Let’s get started. 

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