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Pride Month at Living Proof: Employee Spotlight

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One of our core company values is Inclusion. To put this value into practice, we’re excited to celebrate Pride Month at Living Proof! We’re proud to spotlight Living Proof team members who are part of the LGBTQIAAP2+ community as one way to demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging which respects and appreciates the diversity of our team. To amplify the voices and contributions that members of the LGBTQIAAP2+ community make to our company, the beauty industry, and the global community at large, we asked five folx, including allies, to answer the question: How are you celebrating Pride 2022?

Dan Chasse, Project Manager 

Pronoun(s): He/him  

“Pride for me isn’t just one moment or month of the year—although I love the celebrations and overt show of support. Pride is a reminder of the privilege I personally have insofar as support from family, friends, and peers. My homosexuality has never been what defines me to them, but rather another part of me that is embraced.” 

“Pride is also a reminder to not take my privilege for granted—there is still so much work to be done. The reality of living in a country where the person next to me may not have same rights where they live or work and have to hide who they are in fear of losing everything is terrifying. So that‘s why I volunteer with Human Rights Campaign (HRC) New England, where I serve as one of the governors on its board. At HRC, we raise money in addition to engaging and educating as much as we can. Bottom line: Action and awareness are how I celebrate Pride…and then after that perhaps a drink or two with friends! Cheers…and Happy Pride 2022!!!”  

Nicole Martin, Senior Manager, CRM 

Pronoun(s): She/her  

“Pride being in June is my absolute favorite because it’s also Father’s Day—I have two Dads. My Dad came out when I was still in diapers and his sexuality was something I never questioned; he was just ‘Dad’. As I got older, I started to realize my family felt a bit ‘different’ from others, but I knew nothing other than how to embrace it and how to celebrate it. (Thanks, Mom!)” 

“Over the years, I have found myself educating friends (and some family) on the importance of celebrating others, regardless of their sexual orientation. For 25 years now, my, very American, Dad has lived in Spain with his longtime partner, Miguel. Spain is a beautiful place that feels like home to me because my ‘Padres’ are there. I am so proud of my Dad and Miguel… proud of the life they have built together and the love they share. One of my favorite things about my Dad is his acquiring a *very* thick Spanish accent over the years…it’s absolutely fabulous. Muchos besos, Padres. Xoxo” 

Joanne Minsky, Regional Sales Director 

Pronouns: She/her 

“I celebrate Pride everyday with my wife and the life we are building.” 

Paige DePaolis, Associate Director, Consumer Marketing

Pronoun(s): She/Her  

“To me Pride, is about honoring diversity and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community; as an ally I want to do my part to honor and amplify their stories and voices. It is a dedicated moment to celebrate the beauty of love, connection, and individuality, as it exists in all of us.” 

Our collective goal, especially going into Pride Month at Living Proof, is to continue embracing the beautiful diversity the Lp. team has to offer. By engaging with and understanding the LGBTQIAAP2+ community, Living Proof is committed to continuing education and furthering the conversation around inclusion. 

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