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P2 Science x Living Proof: The Masterminds Behind Our NEW Proprietary Smoothing Technology

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If you haven’t said hello yet, please meet our three NEW No Frizz Smooth Stylers: Smooth Styling Spray, Smooth Styling Cream, and Smooth Styling Serum. They’re each customized for the hair you have so you can create the smooth style you want. Yet all feature our brand-new Proprietary Smoothing Technology, which is superior to other smoothing products — including our own former approach. To level things up, we partnered with P2 Science, an equally high-performance green chemistry ingredient company, founded at Yale University.  

How We Were Founded 

In 2005, an unlikely combination of editorial hairstylists and MIT scientists set out to create a haircare brand at the forefront of scientific innovation, unlike any before it. And its purpose? To solve the toughest hair challenges. Our chemists, none of whom were in the cosmetics industry before, are where our passion starts: in the lab. But our passion is sustained by the brilliantly transformative results we see from our consumers.

How We Conquered Frizz (the First Time) 

A few years after Lp.’s inception, we launched our No Frizz franchise in 2009, our original flagship franchise. Back then, we’d done the unthinkable: Provided an unprecedented anti-frizz technology, one that’s superior to most of our competition. 

But that was 2009 — and now it’s 2023. Just as science evolves, so do we — even if that means reinventing ourselves and our entire approach to fighting frizz. 

How We’ve Leveled Up Our Anti-Frizz Approach 

To take our tech to the next level, we decided to partner with one of the most innovative green cosmetic companies — P2 Science — to create a breakthrough ingredient to control frizz and smooth hair like we’ve never seen before. The partnership was a natural one, given that both companies started in top-tier academia: Living Proof at MIT University, P2 Science at Yale University, two of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

So not only do we have parallel inceptions, but also both have a similar staffing approach: Pulling chemists from outside the beauty world for an inside-out approach to the field. This innovation-first, forwarded-minded approach is what ultimately created the synchronicity between both companies. 

“When we met with Living Proof who was seeking this sort of next level performance and with a holistic approach to ingredient incorporation, there was an obvious synergy there to make high purity, beautiful materials with innovative and elegant chemistry,” says Dr. Patrick Foley, P2 Science’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. 

Likewise, we’re thrilled to be on the other end of it. “Living Proof is proud to partner with P2 Science,” says Ron McLaughlin, our Senior VP of R&D. “We will be collaborating with P2 Science to further leverage their technologies and outside-in approach to cosmetic chemistry in the coming months and expect that the partnership will enable us to continue to lead the haircare industry with science-backed solutions that deliver proven performance.” 

Introducing Our Proprietary Smoothing Technology 

First up from us? Our Proprietary Smoothing Technology, our groundbreaking innovation with unparalleled humidity protection. The tech is found in all three of the new No Frizz Smooth Stylers, which provide smoothness and frizz control that lasts for 96 hours*.

Made from bio-based feedstock and through a patented green chemistry process, our Proprietary Smoothing Technology reduces surface friction (when individual hair fibers rub together during everyday wear and tear, like brushing and styling) while also weightlessly shielding each strand from humidity plus preventing and controlling frizz to leave hair with long-lasting smoothness.  

It’s official: The [re]invention of smooth has arrived. 

*When using the No Frizz System (Shampoo, Conditioner + Styler vs. untreated.)  

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