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Celebrity Hair Colorist Jenna Perry Interview

If you’re into hair whatsoever, then you might already be familiar with Living Proof celebrity colorist and brand ambassador Jenna Perry, the New York City-based pro who counts A-listers and models among her clientele. With that resumé, who better to take the new Triple Bond Complex for a test-drive? This game-changing strengthening treatment was designed to undo damage for hair that looks and feels like new; in a single use, it builds 8x stronger*, softer, and more manageable hair — all while protecting against future damage, too. 

While we knew how well the formula worked in the lab, we wanted to see in a salon environment how it stacked up, both in terms of the results and compared to other bond builders and hair strengtheners on the market. So, we asked Perry to pair Triple Bond Complex with her color services and share her thoughts with us. Scroll on to get her take on the latest and greatest. 

*Against grooming breakage vs untreated 

What do you love most about Triple Bond Complex? 

I love how easy it is to incorporate into your weekly routine. I love that this product is debunking the idea that heat is not good for hair health — and that it can be used solely as a styling product to keep a blowout lasting for a long time.   

What were the initial results you saw after using Triple Bond Complex?  

I immediately noticed smoother hair that also appeared shinier. Typically, you have to use a treatment over time before you start really seeing results, but in this case, you don’t have to wait for the benefits.

Woman styling hair at a salon.

How do you incorporate Triple Bond Complex into one of your color services?  

I use the product once the color process is finished and the hair is shampooed and conditioned. I like to start with 2-3 pumps, but I’ll add more for clients who have super-long or dense hair. I’ll sort of rub it between my hands to emulsify, and then I apply from mid-lengths to ends to really coat all the strands; finally, I go back with what’s left and apply to the roots.   

What was the biggest improvement you saw in clients’ hair when using Triple Bond Complex? 

As a colorist, I loved how flexible the product was — not only is it lightweight, but the formula also emulsifies really easily when you rub your hands together quickly, which makes it that much easier to evenly distribute and coat every strand.   

In terms of results, the hair had so much bounce and movement to it! To be able to have a product that adds strength as well as shine, smoothness, and manageability is a dream. It really leaves hair feeling brand-new — even after an intense color treatment.  

Woman washing hair at a salon.

What sets Triple Bond Complex apart from other hair strengtheners and bond builders you’ve tried on the market?  

From a usage standpoint, the formula is weightless and there is no residue left over. It’s also incredibly easy for clients to incorporate into their routine: no need to spend time explaining how to use it — it’s really that simple. 

How do you recommend using Triple Bond Complex to maintain hair health and color at home?

I’m so excited to officially be able to let clients leave with this product! Up until recently, it was only behind the scenes for testing purposes. I recommend my clients use it once a week to future-proof their hair from any further damage. A little goes a long way, and you’ll notice that the hair color stays longer because the treatment is reinforcing the integrity of the hair, giving it that strength and smoothness.   

How do you incorporate Triple Bond Complex into your own hair routine?  

I like to use it once a week and sleep with it in my hair because I really like my natural waves. I blow dry my hair with a quick blast of heat in the morning to activate it, but keep my natural waves intact.   

Besides Triple Bond Complex, what are your top 3 Living Proof must-haves?

I love Restore Repair Mask, Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Night Cap, and Dry Shampoo individually, but they are actually a dream combination of products for anyone who does color their hair regularly and needs a little extra love for their strands.  

hands with white lotion.

What are your best tips for using Triple Bond Complex? 

If you’re like me and like to air-dry, I have a few tips for you:  

  • You can apply it to your damp hair after a nightly shower and sleep on it; then, add some heat in the morning — whether that be with a blow dryer, a curling iron, or the Dyson Airwrap.   
  • You can apply to your damp hair after a shower and just rough dry your hair for 1-2 minutes.   

By adding the heat, you’re activating the permanent covalent bonds, which are the bonds in hair that give you lasting results.  

Do you use any products before or after using Triple Bond Complex to enhance the results? 

I recommend using the Restore Repair Mask mid-week to keep hair at its healthiest and most conditioned and nourished. I also recommend using it with a leave-in conditioner, like Restore Repair Leave-In, which can really help to nourish strands that tend to be drier and brittle.   

What Living Proof product do you always have in your kit for clients?  

Since I’m a colorist I always keep the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner in my bag. Of course, now the Triple Bond Complex will be in the mix — and I’ll definitely keep extras on hand to send home with clients. Want to be your own healthy-hair architect? Take our hair quiz, now powered with AI, to get the blueprint for the best haircare routine for your unique needs and concerns.  

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