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How To Use a Diffuser

This one is for all our curly-haired friends. We know there’s nothing worse than waiting for your hair to dry, just to preserve those curls. So, we asked Molly, one of our in-house stylists, to show us just how she uses a diffuser to dry her hair.

She reminded us, there are many different curl types out there, so you have to find what works for your hair. But, here are her favorite tips.

Style right from the shower

Molly recommends applying your favorite curl products – like No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream – while you’re still in the shower. Simply apply, flip your hair upside down, and scrunch. It’s a mess-free way to start to form those curls.

Set your curls

With your hair still soaking wet, Molly suggests setting your diffuser to a low speed and medium heat to reduce frizz and protect hair from heat damage. Then, start with your head upside down and dry side-to-side while cupping curls with the diffuser. Hold the diffuser close to your scalp for as long as you comfortably can. Pro tip: Try to keep the diffuser super still at the scalp to prevent frizz (for enhanced shine and frizz control, check out our line of hair products for frizzy hair). Repeat until your hair is about 90% dry.‌

Finish and flaunt

Once your hair is 80% to 90% dry, Molly recommends letting it air dry the rest of the way. While some people like to tousle their curls after they diffuse, Molly keeps her curls as is.

Keep in mind, this is just one way to style curly hair, but you may have to find what works for you. We’d love to learn your curly hair secrets. Share with us on social @livingproofinc.

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