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9 Stunning Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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These cute hairstyles for curly hair of any kind will inspire you to show off your curls in a variety of ways. From chic bobby pins (that also help to tame flyaways) to french braids and low buns, there are plenty of great ideas both you and your hair will love. While we’ve broken up this list into styles for short, long, and natural curly hair, you can gain inspiration from all of the beautiful looks below, no matter what your curly hair type is. We’ve also included some of our top curly hair tips to help you tame your mane in each hairstyle. So go on, discover the best ways to style your curls and the best hair products online to achieve them. 

Short Curly Hairstyles

Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean you can’t style it. Whether you’ve got a cute curly bob, a pixie cut, or a bit more hair to work with, these hairstyles for short curly hair will open up a whole new world of possibilities. ‌

‌1. Small Side Braid

If you have naturally curly hair, a cute side braid is the perfect way to pull back your beautiful locks. Gather hair along one side of your hairline and craft a small french braid by braiding it back along your part. Secure it with a bobby pin or two and pull a few curls in front of the pins to camouflage them. This accent will add a stylish touch to your curly hairstyle in no time at all. ‌

2. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are back, and in full force. The pearl, sequin, and shell-clad pins are nothing like the kind we use to keep hair in place. These bobby pin styles are simply meant to accessorize your mane, but then again, they do also help tame frizz and flyaways. Something cute and functional? It’s the best of both worlds! Dress up your part or pin back your bangs with one or two of these fun accessories for a cute and fun curly hairstyle.‌

3. Curly Bangs

Everyone has thought about getting bangs at one time or another, and we say why not? If you’ve got short curly hair, getting bangs can be a fun way to switch up your look. The key is to use a lightweight styler like our Curl Enhancer to keep your curly bangs light on your face. 

Long Curly Hairstyles

If you’ve got long curly locks, you’ll love experimenting with these rad styles—they were made for you.‌‌

4. Half Updo

Pull half (or even less) of your pretty long locks up into a top knot at the crown of your head for a fresh, fun, and modern style. Use a hair styling cream such as our No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream to get a frizz-free, slick look as you comb the front portion of your hair back into the half updo. Let the rest of your curls fall naturally. How simple is that? If you have naturally curly hair, the half updo is the perfect everyday look.‌

5. French Braid

A french braid braided down and to the side is an easy hairstyle for long curly hair. Consider a fishtail braid for something more unique. Either way, spray your hair with our workable Flex Hairspray before braiding to prevent shorter strands from slipping out of the braid.

 ‌6. Space Buns

There are some styles only girls with long hair can accomplish, and this is one of them. To pull off space buns, start by parting your hair down the center. Braid each section into a long braid and then coil it around itself and secure with an elastic. Coil them at the crown of your head or at the nape of your neck—it’s up to you!‌

Natural Curly Hairstyles 

While we’re not saying you have to do away with blowouts anytime soon, these natural curly hairstyles may just make you want to…‌

7. High Ponytail

 An ultra-high pony will show off your ringlets while keeping them out of your face. This easy hairstyle is especially great for wavy, thick hair. Define your curls with one of our conditioning stylers and then pull it tight to the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic. The result is a sleek style you can easily dress up or down.‌

8. Headband

There are so many fun headbands that can take your style from typical to original in seconds. Slide a stylish headband into your hair and let it peek out between curls, or use it to push all of your hair away from your face and catch everyone’s attention. ‌

9. Au Natural 

The great thing about curls is, they’re beautiful as is! If you know how to moisturize curly hair, you can learn to embrace your natural hair texture. We also suggest learning how to use a diffuser for curls to really enhance your hair’s natural shape and texture. Tame frizz and help your curls hold with a bit of styling cream. If you have wavy hair, use our Curl Enhancer, if you have curly hair, try our Curl Definer, or if you have coily hair, use our Curl Elongator. Simply apply it to wet hair and head out the door.‌

What is your favorite way to style your curly hair?‌‌‌

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