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Haircare Quiz: Get Your Fully Personalized Routine 

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Caring for your hair can get complicated. Not only is it unique to you, with color, thickness, and texture informed largely by genetics, but its health can also be further influenced by where you live, what you eat, and even your washing habits. Taken together, these factors mean that your hair (and what it needs) are intensely personal. There’s no one-size-fits-all in haircare, which can make it difficult to find the right products for your hair concerns and goals. 

So, we set out to solve just that. Our newly improved Haircare Quiz, now powered by AI, can help simplify things. Instead of using a single algorithm, it’s been updated with an artificial intelligence-equipped interface — an industry first — that tailors your selections more carefully, ensuring you land on the exact routine, including shampoo, conditioner, stylers, treatments, and finishers, for your hair and hair concerns. That way, you can get a bespoke regimen that’s been personalized to your needs and goals for healthier hair over time. 

How the Quiz Works 

Good news: There’s no half-hour lost to scrolling here. Our Haircare Quiz is designed to be convenient, seamless, and importantly, fast. 

  1. First, answer a few straightforward questions about your hair density and your goals. Working with a dry scalp or split ends? You can tailor your picks accordingly. 
  2. Take a selfie, which will then be used by our AI technology to further distill the best products for your hair. 

Finally, get the results of your Haircare Quiz. 

What You’ll Get 

Our AI analysis technology now delivers to you a fully personalized wash routine with the right Living Proof shampoo, conditioner, stylers, treatments, and finishers for your hair type — taking the guesswork out of shopping and ensuring the best possible results for your hair. It’s a simple way to ensure that hair looks (and stays) healthy. 

Take the Haircare Quiz and see which hair products will be right for you. 

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