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Hair Botox 101: It’s Not What You Think

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Botox has been a popular trend in the cosmetic world for decades. While botox remains prevalent in the media, you may not know about the new craze sweeping the haircare industry—hair botox. 

Just as regular botox smooths out wrinkles and enhances the natural plumpness of the face, hair botox aims to fill in cracks and help repair hair damage in the cuticle, smoothing frizzy hair and reviving dull, flat hair. It does this by coating each hair strand with a filler that leaves hair silky and shiny. These filler blends typically include antioxidants, oils, vitamins, and collagen complexes. 

So, how does hair botox work—and how can you achieve the same effects at home? Let’s dive into the details.

How Does Hair Botox Work?

By visiting a salon for this deep conditioning treatment, you can help give your hair a botox-inspired boost. Hair botox treatments aim to help individuals who struggle with:

  • Damaged hair
  • Excessive frizz
  • Split ends
  • Flat hair
  • Fine hair

That said, you should know what to expect from a hair botox treatment before you rush off to set an appointment. Your hair type, how long the chemical treatment may last, and how much the botox hair treatment may cost are all factors that can play a role in your decision process. Also, check with the salon to understand what type of hair botox treatment you’re getting. Some contain ingredients like cysteic acid or carbocysteine, which can alter the shape of your curls. 

Like other professional deep conditioning treatments, you can expect the following from a hair botox session:

  • Smooth, full strands – Hair botox may serve as a suitable hair treatment for those with flat, frizzy, or damaged hair. By applying a coat of hair-healthy filler on your follicles, you can expect to enjoy shiny, voluminous tresses (and far fewer tangles). 
  • Long-lasting results – Most hair botox treatments only last about 2–4 months.1 You can help extend the results by using a sulfate-free shampoo and giving your hair proper attention. 
  • Varied cost – Hair botox can be a fairly expensive treatment when performed by a professional hair stylist, costing anywhere from $100-$300, depending on the type of results you desire.1

Hair Botox vs. Keratin

Some people may confuse hair botox with a keratin treatment. Knowing their differences is critical, as they work in distinctive ways. 

Keratin treatments aim to lock your hair in place. Some keratin treatments achieve this with the use of formaldehyde. 2 The formaldehyde essentially freezes hair follicles so they remain straight and smooth. However, just as keratin treatments have long-lasting effects, so too can the adverse side effects of formaldehyde.2 Hair botox treatments containing carbocysteine or cysteic acid may yield more desirable results in the long run without as much risk from potentially harmful chemicals. 

How to Achieve the Effects of Hair Botox at Home

While hair botox may be a popular salon treatment, receiving this hair boost at a professional salon can be costly, especially considering it may stick around for less than a season. But there’s good news, too—you can achieve incredibly similar results without permanently altering the shape of your hair by opting for quality hair products that rejuvenate, smooth, and strengthen your hair. 

Achieve the hair botox look at home by focusing on these three main components:

1. Smooth Strands and Shine

Nutrient-rich products can give your hair that glamorous post-botox look without stepping foot in a salon. Moisturizing your hair (without overpowering it) can result in some serious smoothing action. So what are you waiting for? 

Spring into action with any of the following smoothing products:

With these products by your side, you can get your shine on in no time.2. Less Frizz

Hair botox may help to eliminate unruly frizz, but it’s not the only way to achieve hair harmony. Take the power of anti-frizz into your own hands with moisturizing products that permeate the hair follicles and transform them into smoother styles.

Our top picks for anti-frizz solutions include:

  • No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask – If you’re after a conditioner that keeps on giving, the No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask can deliver. Not only can it deeply condition and smooth your hair follicles, but it also makes your hair look healthier with each wash. 
  • No Frizz Instant Defrizzer – Try this product if you need your frizz to vanish in a flash. A dry conditioner can provide salon-worthy hair in mere minutes, reintroducing natural oils and banishing frizz with just a few spritzes. 
  • Healthy Hair Perfector – If you struggle with dry hair, opt for a hair repair treatment designed to make your life easier. By reducing frizz, protecting your hair’s outer layer, and providing nourishing agents, you may find your hair more manageable than ever. 

Don’t let frizz get in the way of your fabulous hair day. Instead, opt for products that get to the root of the issue every time. 

3. Repaired Damage

Before taking your bleached, colored, or heat-damaged tresses in for a hair botox appointment, try repairing them at home using products with proven performance. You may feel surprised to learn how much restorative conditioners and hair masks can do for your hair’s health and longevity. 

If you want hair that looks as healthy as it feels, start your journey with the following treatments:

  • Triple Bond Complex – Put your trust in this hair strengthening treatment––a leave-in hair treatment proven to strengthen your strands. By building hydrogen, ionic, and covalent bonds in the hair, you can reduce the appearance of split ends while preventing future damage. 
  • Restore Repair Leave-In – This leave-in conditioner impressively repairs damaged cuticles. After just one use, your hair should feel stronger and silkier than ever, so you’ll come back for it again and again.
  • Full Thickening Cream – If you’re looking to make your hair feel and look fuller, our thickening cream provides light conditioning and leaves your strands with a fullness and thickness that lasts five times longer.

Hair botox may not be the only solution to your hair repair ambitions. Try any of these restorative products to repair and replenish your hair without the hassle. 

Other Methods for Healthy Hair

Hair botox may help those with specific hair types achieve smooth follicles and enhanced volume. But as we’ve discussed, hair botox isn’t the only way to achieve smoother strands—and you might be able to find similar results with even more of the products you’re already familiar with.

Keep your hair feeling healthy and happy (without the botox) by using:

  • Moisturizing conditioners – Using daily conditioners that add moisture can do wonders for your hair’s overall strength and shine. 
  • Repairing masks – Scheduling the occasional deep condition with a restorative hair mask treatment can help repair damage and banish frizz. When you’re learning how to strengthen hair, make sure to give your locks the love and attention they deserve.
  • Strengthening treatments – With regular application, a hair strengthener or hair repair treatment can help your hair not only achieve softness but resist future hair breakage with ease. 

There’s no shortage of solutions when it comes to proper haircare. Unsure of what solution suits you best? Take our hair quiz to discover what products and practices will yield the best results. 

Find Your Haircare Solution With Living Proof

Whether your hair produces oil or is prone to frizz, Living Proof can help you feel confident in your problem-solving skills. We pride ourselves in our scientifically-based haircare products to help your hair defy expectations. Discover the strength of our Restore Shampoohair moisture mask products, and Triple Bond Complex for powerful results that keep on giving. 

Whatever haircare solutions you’re looking for, our hair products online can help you keep your hair strong and healthy, for longer. 

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