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We’ve all heard it. You really can “train” your hair to be washed less. With work-from-home days still going strong and social distancing circles staying small, there’s no better time to make the transition from everyday washing to every few days. The secret to getting started? Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo. Here’s how.

Accept a little oil.

If the first thing you’re thinking is, “I could never do that, my hair’s too greasy,” then this is for you. In fact, the more you wash your hair, the greasier it gets. After being washed, the scalp compensates for the lack of oil by producing more.

Wash less each week.

The transition doesn’t happen overnight. Start by going about 12 extra hours, then one day, then two days, and so on. Your scalp and oil production will soon follow suit.

Go even longer with Dry Shampoo.

Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo is the #1 Prestige Dry Shampoo* that actually cleans hair by eliminating oil, sweat, and odor. It makes your second- or third-day hair look, feel, and smell clean, delivering a fresh scent throughout the day. For maximum cleaning results, shake the can extra well and section hair thoroughly before spraying 6-10” away from your scalp. Wait 30 seconds whil the powders activate and cleans – then remove excess residue by massaging the scalp.

Massage your scalp.

Just like you did with the Dry Shampoo, massage your scalp twice a day to distribute the oil from the scalp down to the strands of your hair. You may also want to restore your scalp’s health by using our scalp treatment while you massage. But, unless you’re styling or massaging, try not to touch your hair

Try hairstyles that help.

Messy buns, updos, braids. Find the hairstyles that help you extend one extra day. We had our Customer Advocate, Tiffany show us how-to create some of her favorite work-from-home styles.

Enjoy even more me-time.

Quarantine is leaving us all with a little extra time on our hands – and now – you’ll have even more. Instead of washing and styling your hair, maybe you can try a new everyday, self-care ritual.

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