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Instant Texture Mist

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Get tailor-made texture in 10 seconds with this weightless texturizing spray (that lasts for days). Powered by our three-dimensional technology containing magnetic texturizers plus our patented Volumizing Molecule (PBAE), Instant Texture Mist:

  • creates multiple tousled styles effortlessly
  • is instant & revivable for 48 hours
  • has zero tradeoffs (not stiff, sticky, dulling or dirtying)
  • works on damp or dry hair, with or without heat styling 

For all hair types. Silicone-free and oil-free. Safe for color and chemically treated hair. 


Shake well. Spray on damp or dry hair, then tousle. Heat style (or don’t). With Instant Texture Mist, you can get a spectrum of tousled styles:

  • For beachy definition, spray on damp hair, tousle & air dry
  • For bedhead separation, spray on hair, scrunch & air dry
  • For bombshell body & volume, spray on damp hair & blow dry

The problem:

Women crave that always-in-style tousled look, but getting this “effortless” style actually isn’t effortless at all. It takes considerable time, skill and an arsenal of products from salt sprays, mousses and aerosols to pomades, waxes and creams. These products are one dimensional and come with some serious tradeoffs like being stiff, dulling and short-lived.

The solution:

Instant Texture Mist is the beautiful result of using hard-hitting, patented science to get effortless, laid-back style. Powered by our three-dimensional technology containing magnetic texturizers plus our patented Volumizing Molecule (PBAE):

  • Magnetic texturizers instantly form building blocks in between hair strands to create texture, definition and separation. No heat styling required to activate.
  • Living Proof’s patented Volumnizing Molecule (PBAE) forms microscopic thickening dots that create texture, body and volume that's revivable for up to 48 hours.

Instant Texture Mist creates a multitude of textured styles in one bottle, without the tradeoffs of being stiff, dulling and short-lived. Plus it’s revivable for 48 hours so you can enjoy it for days.


Who is Instant Texture Mist for?

Instant Texture Mist works on all hair types and is for anyone that wants multiple texturized styles. 

Can you layer Instant Texture Mist with other styling products?

Yes, Instant Texture Mist is a weightless spray that can be used alone or layered with other products. For more texture finish with Instant Texture Mist. However, for best results, use other silicone- and oil-free products.

Should I use Instant Texture Mist on damp or dry hair? With or without heat?

You can use Instant Texture Mist on damp or dry hair, with or without heat. Each technique will give you a different textured effect. Spray on damp hair for more definition and body. Spray on dry hair for more piecyness & separation. Spray on damp hair and blow dry for more volume and softer texture. 

How much Instant Texture Mist should I use in one application?

Spray a generous amount of Instant Texture Mist to evenly distribute from roots to ends. Start with approximately 10-15 sprays and add more as needed.

Instant Texture is buildable, so you can apply more or brush it out without needing to wash your hair and start over. We recommend that you use more sprays if you desire more texture, are applying it to damp hair or when blow drying with it.

styles & tips

It is easy to get your favorite hairstyles using Instant Texture Mist. Choose a look below to see the techniques our stylists used to create it. Effortless beauty is only a click away.


  • OK! Magazine
    2014 OK! Magazine, Beauty Awards
  • CEW
    2015 CEW, Hair Styling Product Prestige Award

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