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Full Dry Volume Blast
Full Dry Volume Blast - You Have To Try It!
Posted by Debby on January 14, 2017 OK guys it's here...the product that you have been waiting for! Always skeptical,it does exactly what it says it does and I can actually sleep on my hair and restyle in am and it's presentable and my hair doesn't look like Bride of Frankenstein! Make sure you don't spray too close to hair, let it dry and then use your fingers and light use of brush/comb to style - no crunchy texture - you won't be disappointed! Trying Thickening Mousse Next!
Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Love This
Posted by jean on January 08, 2017 My hair has been dry and brittle due to thyroid medication I have recently begun taking. This treatment along with the restore instant repair has helped tremendously. My hair is now softer, shinier, and I have much less breakage.
Restore Instant Repair
Works For Me
Posted by jean on January 08, 2017 I received a sample of this and after one use immediately ordered it. I use many of the living proof products and have been happy with almost all. But lately medication for a thyroid condition has made my hair extremely dry. This has helped tremendously. I have a lot less breakage and my hair is manageable again. I also use the Timeless pre-treatment shampoo. I'm glad that living proof provide samples of new products. It gives us a chance to see what will work with our hair. I have recommended these products to everyone I know.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo
Posted by Ctut on January 07, 2017 This is the best product you will ever use! I can't rave about it enough
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Great Product!
Posted by Allison on December 16, 2016 This is definitely one of my very favorite hair products. When I use it, my hair behaves sooo much better, styles better, feels softer and smoother. It's recommended to put in the night before, which works great, unless you are super tired, forget, or wake up the next morning and you HAVE to wash your hair. In that case, I put it on before I shower, put my hair in a pony tail and wait until the very last thing to rinse it out and wash it...still works great for fabulous hair. Love using this with PhD shampoo and conditioner, then follow with a little bit of Blowout just before styling with a blow dryer. I have 40-something's hair and it has helped return it to youthful looking hair!
THAT BRAID 😍💯👍 Beautiful work, @samanthahairstylist! #YourBestHair

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