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Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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Flex Shaping Hairspray
Best Hairspray I've Ever Used
Posted by Kelsie on August 19, 2015 I never quite found a hairspray that I constantly use; usually I buy some from the grocery store or a nice bottle from the salon that is always 10x more expensive but this hairspray is sooooo worth it. I've used it Every. Single. Day! I would always end up throwing out old hairspray that I hated and would only use once because it was either sticky, felt greasy, left my hair crunchy, and would even look super dull at the end of the day! And most days my old stuff wouldn't even last till the end of the day. This product is amazing because it doesn't flatten my curls at all, no sticky/crunchy residue either, smells great, and it will hold my style not only all day but even after sleeping it looks like I just did my hair! I swear by this product now and use it after my LP Curl shampoo/conditioner and No Frizz nourishing cream. Finally found a spray I use every single day and love it!!!
No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream
Florida Humidity No More!!
Posted by Kelsie on August 19, 2015 I live in Tampa, FL and have tried soooooo many "frizz control" products that are a waste of money. I have thick, curly, and dry hair so its hard to fight the frizz in +80% humidity, I bought other products on here as well and got this as a free sample to try it and no I'm hooked!! Everyone has those few fly-aways but that's normal, before I'd style my hair and bybthe end of the day it'd be flat and poofy, now my curls stay shaped all day long AND no frizz! I use the Curly shampoo+conditioner, then this product, and finish with the Flex hairspray. I'm such an addict now I refuse to buy anything else!! My styles come out exactly how I want them and last all day (even over night after I've slept 7 hours!!) So ecstatic, love this product, and would recommend to EVERYONE out there!! I am obsessed and love it so much!!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Travel Kit
all my favorites
Posted by sarah on August 18, 2015 this travel kit could not be anymore better. All my favorite products of the PhD line just like with there other products it brings my hair to life and makes it look so good even without styling it. Ever since I started using living proof my hair has changed for the better!!
Restore Shampoo
Posted by sarah on August 18, 2015 The restore shampoo and conditioner are amazing. My hair is usually very dry and has no life to it after once use of the restore line its made my hair feel more hydrated and healthy. I would really recommend this product to anybody with either dry, damaged, or just want something for your hair to come back to life. I also love using PhD along with the 5 in 1 styling treatment.
Great product
Posted by AH on August 16, 2015 I started using Straight about 6 weeks ago and absolutely love it! I have fine, oily hair plus a small natural wave in the back. Without Straight I have to fight the wave with a flat iron and with Straight I rarely need to flat iron the back. I also have noticed that my hair doesn't appear oily late in the day.....definitely a plus. Thank you for this product. I ran out this morning, so I am placing a new order right away.

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