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Timeless Shampoo
Amazing product line!
Posted by Carla on December 02, 2016 I've been using the Living Proof line since it first came out, but winter in Wisconsin is rough on hair, let alone aging hair! After a recent trip to Chicago, my hair was dried out and brittle, I had a travel Timeless plumping Mouse thought I'd give it a try. What did I have to loose? Dry, brittle hair, well much to my amazement my hair sparked back to life. Along came the Black Friday sale, decided to give the shampoo, conditioner and pre- treat a chance. My soft luscious hair is back! Hey Jen, how about a hairspray in this line too?? My style stayed all day, and looked great. Believe it or not I could feel the change on my hair as the conditioner went on. Love your products! Don't even get me started on the humidity control line! Thanks Jen!
Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Just what I needed!
Posted by Vanessa on December 01, 2016 The difference in my hair after using this product just one time was unbelievable. It was immediately shiny, soft, manageable - and the gray hairs seemed to just blend in. I love it. My hair has not looked this healthy in several years. Thank you! (By they way, I am 60 yr old, dark brunette with maybe 20% gray.)
No Frizz Humidity Shield
Loved it!
Posted by Heather on November 27, 2016 I have very curly hair and I live in the south where it's always humid. A few drops of rain and my hair instantly starts to curl, and once it curls after it's been straightened it's NOT cute curly! I was skeptical of this product because 1. Anti humidity stuff has never worked for me and 2. I hate hairspray with a passion, I hate that sticky and tacky feeling. So alas I was often forced to always have curly hair. I tried this product but the first few days there was low humidity and no rain. But then I straightened my hair one day and went to leave and it was raining. I wasn't prepared with an umbrella so few rain drops fell on my head. Normally this would result in instant frizz and un cute curls, but my hair was still straight, for the ENTIRE DAY. I was amazed at how well if truly works!
Restore Shampoo
My hair is healthy and shiny again
Posted by Amy on November 23, 2016 I am over 60 and dye my hair. It was dry and dull after a month or so of using the Restore shampoo and conditioner I feel like I have my hair back and not some old lady's head of hair.
Full Dry Volume Blast
Love this stuff!
Posted by Joey on November 20, 2016 I have thin fine hair... Little longer.. I always struggle to get any kind of lift.. Especially at the top of my head... This product has totally changed my hair!!!... My head is small so I like some lift and this product delivers every time... I use it as a styling spray for my curling iron.. I have beautiful lift and curls that stay!!.. I love all the Living Proof line... But this and the dry shampoo are my faves!!!
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