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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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You are the Living Proof
Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray
Best Blowout Ever!
Posted by BrittanyC on May 21, 2015 I have recently started using the blowout product by Living Proof. I am in LOVE with this product. The hold is wonderful, the smell is great and it actually works like it claims to. My hair feels thicker, looks straighter and it lasts all day! I have 'slightly' over-processed hair that has become a little on the thin side. It's color treated and I recently had a brazilian blowout keratin treatment. But this product far succeeds all expectations! I would recommend this to amyone!
Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray
Excellent product if you apply correctly
Posted by Marcy on May 21, 2015 I received this product as a sample. Before using, I read the directions and also read reviews on other sites. I'm not sure why it gets bad reviews because if you apply sparingly, it works great. It's a little sticky when you spray it on but after blow drying it feels great and looks even better. I have long, thin, straight hair and applied to damp hair and blow dryer. Excellent!!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Conditioner
Just right!
Posted by dottiesj on May 11, 2015 Itried the Restore formula, which was too heavy, and the No Frizz formula as well, which didn't give me quite enough moisture. The PHD formula is the perfect fit. It banishes dryness and frizz and leaves my hair silky smooth with tons of body and shine. It also keeps my hair cleaner longer, which helps keep my precious hair color fresh and bright. I can go up to four days without shampooing. This conditioner feels very different from anything else I've tried. It has tons of "slip" so detangling is easy. It only takes a very small amount (less than the size of a quarter) for my below shoulder length hair. It rinses out completely, yet leaves my hair very manageable with lots of bounce and shine. It is the perfect formula for me. My hair is medium in texture, somewhat wavy and because it's color treated and I heat style, prone to dryness and frizz. PHD shampoo and conditioner give me perfect hair and I have a good hair day nearly every day. Now that I've found the perfect formula, I'm a Living Proof convert.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo
The perfect amount of hydration.
Posted by dottiesj on May 11, 2015 This shampoo (along with the PHD conditioner) gives me soft, silky, manageable hair with zero frizz. My hair is medium in texture, somewhat wavy and color treated and therefore prone to dryness and frizz. This shampoo completely banished the dryness and eliminated the frizziness completely. It feels different than any other shampoo I've come across and it only takes a very small amount to get tons of soapy suds. It cleanses well without stripping the color and makes my hair supple and smooth. I tried the Restore formula but it was too heavy and the No Frizz formula didn't quite give me enough hydration. The PHD formula is the perfect balance, giving me moisture but leaving my hair full and bouncy too. I do use a curling iron several times a week and color my hair regularly so dryness is always an issue. With PHD I no longer have to worry about it. It's by far the best shampoo (and conditioner) that I've ever used. I'm a Living Proof convert!
Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray
Great for a second day refresh
Posted by Kerry on May 07, 2015 This product is great when you are looks to add body and control to second day hair or just a quick refresh at the end of day before going out at night.

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