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Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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You are the Living Proof
No Frizz Humidity Shield
Great product line
Posted by Barbara on September 11, 2015 I started using Living Proof after a "stylist" ruined the texture of my hair. I have very curly hair that loves to frizz. I had to do something to bring my hair back to life. As soon as I started using Living Proof, I noticed a big difference. It didn't look dry and dull. I am still trying several different Living Proof products depending on how I want to style my hair, curly, or straight. So far, I have been impressed and switched from another well known curl product manufacturer. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for more control over their style with great results. Thanks!!
Amp Instant Texture Volumizer
Posted by Shari on September 07, 2015 I am growing out my short hair and have spent a small fortune in styling products to try and get something that would give me the look I was going for. I was tired of "gluing" my hair with hairspray which just gave me dirty hair the next day. I finally tried Amp and even my hairdresser remarked on how good my hair looked! And it IS revivable! Day two and my hair still looks like it is freshly styled!
No Frizz Humidity Shield
Miracle Product
Posted by Shari on September 07, 2015 We have a lot of humidity in Ontario in the summer. Since I was at Sephora I thought I would try "THE SHIELD " as I am calling it. I sprayed my hairstyle and went to a pool party where I was hot and sweaty sitting in the shade! It was sooooooo humid out! And my hairstyle lasted the whole party and wasn't even greasy or limp when I got home. Went straight to Sephora and bought myself a can! And without spraying it again today I went for a long walk in the heat and humidity and my hair was in tact even though the rest of me is a mess! Lol!
Posted by Mom4 on August 27, 2015 Amazing product!! I have fought hair forever attempting to get it straight. It just never happens. I have tried every product that promises straight hair, but to no avail. Well, this product does what it says. I spray it on my towel dried hair and dry it straight. It hold up to the weather and the next morning it looks just as good. Definitely worth trying for anyone who has fought this fight. I have finally found the perfect product for me. Hair: fine/course, curly, colored
Flex Shaping Hairspray
Best Hairspray I've Ever Used
Posted by Kelsie on August 19, 2015 I never quite found a hairspray that I constantly use; usually I buy some from the grocery store or a nice bottle from the salon that is always 10x more expensive but this hairspray is sooooo worth it. I've used it Every. Single. Day! I would always end up throwing out old hairspray that I hated and would only use once because it was either sticky, felt greasy, left my hair crunchy, and would even look super dull at the end of the day! And most days my old stuff wouldn't even last till the end of the day. This product is amazing because it doesn't flatten my curls at all, no sticky/crunchy residue either, smells great, and it will hold my style not only all day but even after sleeping it looks like I just did my hair! I swear by this product now and use it after my LP Curl shampoo/conditioner and No Frizz nourishing cream. Finally found a spray I use every single day and love it!!!

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