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Love Notes
Restore Mask Treatment
Posted by Christie on May 08, 2017 I've been using a deep conditioning mask once a week to twice a week for almost 2 years in my quest to grow my pixie cut to waist length hair. I'm at below bra strap now and thought this would be it my hair was becoming too dry and damaged on the ends to look healthy growing any longer until I found this. I've tried every hair mask I could get my hands on. Some were nice but always contained silicone which actually blocks moisture from hair just giving you an illusion of healthy hair. Silicone free products are hard to find and when I've used them they fail to give my hair the slip and softness I crave. This is first mask that delivers on everything it says everything I'm looking for and more. It really does make my hair stronger and shiny for the first time being a dyed blonde shine just never happened for me until I used this line with the perfecting spray. It's by far the thickest mask I've ever used so a little dollop does my whole head. My hair is fine and wavy it helps my waves pop and gives me shine without weighing down my hair. You get what you pay for with this product I'm finally going silicone free and I will get my waist length healthy hair now thanks to LIVING PROOF!!
Restore Perfecting Spray
Best product ever!! Can't live without this now
Posted by Christie on May 07, 2017 I have dyed blonde wavy hair that is the longest it's ever been just past my bra strap. My hair always tangled after conditioning and never had shine. This product along with the Restore shampoo and conditioner gave my hair tangle free shiny manageable heat and IV protection all in one bottle. I've now ordered full sizes of the full line. I'm on a journey to get waist length hair and thought I had hit my end as my hair just stopped being able to style without serious damage. Now thanks to LIVING PROOF I will continue and achieve my quest for truly long hair that looks feels and actually is healthier than most people with shoulder length hair. Thank you so much for developing a unique multitasking product line. Science is flawlessly beautiful and proven, my hair is beautifully wavy and people think I'm wearing extensions it's just too good looking to be real. That's actually the best compliment I could ask for. But no, it's my hair and I am LIVING PROOF this works.
Curl Defining Styling Cream
I can't stop touching my hair...
Posted by Sarah on May 04, 2017 I know you are supposed to keep your hands out of it, but seriously, it's so dang silky. SILKY. My course, thick, naturally curly 2C/3A hair is curlier, softer,shinier (is that a word?) and silky. I'm a low maintanence, scrunch and air-dry kinda girl but my hair had been getting drier and more damaged with each partial highlight. My old products were drugstore, and weren't cutting it anymore, so in a desperate leap of faith I tried this and after the first day I knew I had found my holy grail. Sadly, this was NOT the first product I tried in my quest for curl redemption,but it was the last. I can't thank Living Proof and the MIT scientists for this stuff.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo
1st time=love
Posted by Kelsey on April 28, 2017 I just got the shampoo and conditioner both phd in the mail today and had ordered it cause I just moved into a new place and I think the water was leaving stuff in my hair that was making it feel greasy right out of the shower and I used my phd today and my hair feels like it just came from the salon! I have very thick and heavy hair and it feels so light and free! I'm definitely a fan and don't see myself buying any other brand here on out!!
No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner
Game Changer!
Posted by Leah on April 11, 2017 I bought this a few years ago and never gave it a chance. I even tried to give it to a friend! Luckily I tried it again recently after noticing that my ends were still dry, frizzy, and static-y. I use this with a mousse as I want body airy fullness, but not dryness. I have fine shoulder-length hair and a dime-sized amount is perfect. I rake it through mid-ends first, then rub in whatever is left over my entire head. It's great! Very little frizz, even in the rain-- and my dryness is gone! I'm so happy that I have found products in LP that provide consistent styling results day-in and day-out. Love LP!
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