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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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You are the Living Proof
Restore Shampoo
Posted by Sasha on December 18, 2014 I have always used salon brand shampoos but I started to have a lot of problems with buildup leading to an itchy scalp and really dull and lifeless hair. I had been wanting to try living proof and finally bought it, I can't say enough great things! I immediately noticed a difference in shine, my scalp was no longer itchy, it had weightless body, it was not difficult to blow dry and style (it probably took me half my normal time). In the shower my hair drank this up! It is expensive but I only used a dime size of the shampoo and it lathered up nicely; the conditioner was also really rich and my hair felt great when rinsing out. I usually only wash my hair twice a week so the bottles should last a long time! So glad I finally found a product that works for my crazy hair! Also, I have very thick and naturally curly hair that is always hard to tame. I would also recommend using a clarifying shampoo before using this product for the first time if you normally use products with silicones in them.
Full Conditioner
I love this product line
Posted by Ann on December 17, 2014 I have short, fine, straight hair. This line does exactly as stated. And the complements from my family and friends and this is only after a week of using this product line. I will not change. And I am so tired of looking for one that actually works. Thank you so much
Full Conditioner
It works just as is said
Posted by Ann on December 17, 2014 I am so pleased to have finally found a product line that does what it is advertised to do! I have short, fine and highlighted hair that is very naturally straight. Since using this line (only a week so far) I have had my friends ask me if I have a new stylr. And shine a fullness! Wow and I am due for a haircut. So thank you so very much. :-)
Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Love, would like to see these options….
Posted by PHDeveryday! on December 13, 2014 I love phd! I have fine hair, and this product give me body, holds my style and gets rid of static too! That being said, it would be awesome to have this in a fine spray. I think it would be easier to distribute. Also, the wide bottle it comes in is not TSA friendly. You all know we only get to use a quart ziploc bag, and PHD and most other Living Proof packaging takes up a lot of that quart space. I can't leave it behind, but would love travel size packaging that is long and narrow.
No Frizz Wave Making, Curl Shaping Styling Cream
Please don't discontinue it!!!!
Posted by Dana on December 12, 2014 This product is amazing! The Nourishing styling cream does not work as well as this one, I have both! Even adding some holding product, like mousse, the Nourishing styling cream still does not work like this one. Please, please, please, this is the best thing I have ever used for my wavy/curly hair!! All review here say the same thing, listen to your consumers: We LOVE this product!

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