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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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Full Thickening Cream
great for way more than volume!
Posted by Heather on September 20, 2014 I have fine hair on terms of texture, but I have tons of hair- so I didn't start off desperately trying to fight limp or flat hair. I had really long hair, down to the top of my pants, and I couldn't get curls to stay in using hot rollers, and it magically worked with this, as well as making my hair super shiny, bouncy, huge like runway model glamorous hair. Since then, I donated most of my hair and now I have a bob length haircut similar to the model in the AMP video for bobs. With this product and the root lifting spray, I can pump my hair up on day one, and twist sections to the back center and pin them for an amazing updo on days 2 and 3 with some more AMP. The updo will actually stay in place while I sleep on it, with maybe just a couple bobby pins to replace in the morning. I get compliments on that style absolutely all the time, and I've done the style in 5 minutes inside a sephora store using an AMP tester and my own bobby pins. There's just no way to do that look unless you've got really pumped up hair.
No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray
Errr Me Floop (for full affect, read with a Scottish accent and really roll your r's)!
Posted by Annie on September 15, 2014 EMF, this is, hands down, the BEST product I've used on my hair to achieve a state of frizz-lessness. I have super thick hair that is also fine. The underside is curly and the top is wavy. Left unchecked, it's a hot mess. Other products I've used have done nothing but weigh my hair down and given it a greasy appearance. After having tried the PHD shampoo and conditioner (which I also really like; will try the no-frizz versions next time), I decided to give this product a go. And I'm so glad I took the plunge. It's a bit pricey; but after the exorbitant amount I've spent on partially used, no luck products over the years, I'll live. One reviewer noted to section your hair and spray a fine layer over each section instead of just on top--I concur. For my hair, that produces the best results. Additionally, the bottle notes for optimal performance, to heat style. I found the hard way this is also true. Ultimately, I a so happy I found this product. I'm a lifer!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo
Perfect Indeed
Posted by Sydni on September 11, 2014 Let me just preface this by saying that I never write reviews. Ever. But after using the PHD line I want to tell EVERYONE about it. My hair has never felt better, looked better, or been easier to style. My hair even looks better if I go for a couple of days between washes. I live in NYC so being outside is really unavoidable. The PHD line helps my hair to maintain its style and remain frizz-free. I love it! Let's just say I've become a Living Proof addict. There are no tricks, no disguises, just excellent products that actually do what they promise. Thank you!!
Flex Shaping Hairspray
The Greatest
Posted by Miserychick on September 11, 2014 This is the best hairspray I have ever used. It does not flake off (like other hairspray) when I am wearing black or other dark colors. I have fine, frizzy hair and this mostly stops the frizz and holds the shape all day. The spray does have a fragrance, but it dissipates soon after using it. Regarding the review below about the overwhelming fragrance, my husband is highly allergic to fragrance and it does not seem to bother him, but everyone is different. I say give it a try since returns are not a problem!
Prime Style Extender Cream
Posted by Rebecca on August 21, 2014 I love this product - along with the Phd product line. I work out 3-4 times a week and I still am able to get away with only washing a few times a week. I use a dry shampoo maybe once a week - it is a clear version that I found. But even this wasn't enough with prior shampoo and conditioners. This is the one product that I wish this line would develop - maybe they have one and I haven't found it. It does everything it says it will do.

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