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Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Excellent Product
Posted by JerseyGirl on October 01, 2015 OMG, run do not walk to your nearest store...don't wait for this product!! You need this TODAY!! I have been using the PHD line since it first arrived, and love all the products...especially the night cap. This is the perfect addition to the line. I have been using it for two weeks (LP team: YOU NEED TO MAKE A LARGER SIZE) and have only washed my hair twice...that's right twice in two weeks! You only need a small amount, I do 6 spritzes around my head. Shake the can really well and in-between sprays. It works! It isn't like the old days of Psssss-t (yes I'm old) this is a very fine micro delivery of powder(I'm guessing here) so less is more. You can always do it twice. I lead an active lifestyle, I work out, have a family, and a dog and don't have a whole bunch of time when you throw an 8-10 hour work day in the mix. This product is a life changer...it is a beauty product for sure...I get MORE SLEEP!!!! This really is a wonderful new addition to the LP line up. Please keep the new products coming! I'm in love with them all.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Well worth the wait!!
Posted by Salon Kroma on September 26, 2015 PHD Dry Shampoo excels with its ability to actually leave the hair feeling clean and fresh, without leaving the starchy residue present with most other professional Dry Shampoos. Follow the directions provided and this is fair and away the best Dry Shampoo available. We cannot keep it in stock!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
It's finally here! Love it!
Posted by KAREN on September 23, 2015 I'm so excited that Living Proof came out with a dry shampoo! And I love it! I'd been hearing about it coming on Instagram, and when I saw it was announced, I logged in to my account here and purchased two bottles (one for me and one for my daughter). Like all the other Living Proof products, the dry shampoo is an amazing product! Perfect for that second day hair... just spray, let sit for 30 seconds and style as usual. The scent is nice and the product works! Thanks Living Proof!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Best Dry Shampoo
Posted by Lau on September 20, 2015 This is by far the best dry shampoo I have ever used. The smell is great without being over powering. Hair looks so clean and fresh. Doesn't leave my hair heavy. I spray it on and wait the 30 seconds, massage it a little and pat my head a little and then brush through. The white residue is gone fast and completely. This will be the only dry shampoo I use. Another great product by Living Proof
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Fantastic results
Posted by NMnTheLoo on September 16, 2015 I don't use dry shampoo but since it's an LP product I decided to have this for contingencies. Occassionally I fail to keep my hair washing routine and wind up adding an extra day to the mix. On these extended days my hair looks tolerable, but feels dirty. This week was one of those times but the new dry shampoo did not arrive till the day after the extended day. I decided this would be a prime opportunity to test the strength of the product. I followed the directions and Wow! It looked clean and shiny, but best of all it felt wonderful. The entire day it felt great and I do not work in a climate controlled environment so that is significant. I'll definitely be changing my routine. It does have a nice light scent and leaves no residue.

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