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Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Posted by Lovemystyle on March 27, 2015 I absolutely love this stuff. I use it every time after I wash my over heat styled rough lifeless hair. It makes my hair soft, smooth and NOT fall flat.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Uh, Yes!
Posted by Allie on March 27, 2015 I think this is magical! Once a week, I put it in my hair the night before I am going to wash it. It feels a bit heavy going on, but that quickly disappears. When I wake up and wash my hair, it feels healthy, thick, and vibrant. The Overnight Perfector will be something that will remain as part of my treatments that baby my hair :)
Full Thickening Mousse
Makes my fine hair full
Posted by Allie on March 27, 2015 I have not been a person who likes mousse because it makes my fine hair very frizzy. However, this mousse both makes my hair full and manages to keep the frizzies somewhat at bay. I had to get used to not tipping the mousse to use it, bu now I have that down, I love it. My only complaint is the smell--it's a bit odd and chemical. It smells when it comes out of the can. My hair DOES NOT smell like the odd chemical smell, though.
Full Thickening Cream
First Time!!
Posted by Carrie on March 26, 2015 Ok - my aunt (81 yrs) gave me this little sample kit from this product line. I have very thin hair - you can see through it - Gave it a try this am. So I have to say something is different - my hair looks like i spent 2 hours on it...very thick looking. Im excited to continue to try this product. Thank you. However, on another note - the women in your advertising do not - i repeat DO NOT even come close to "thin hair" - very wrong in my opinion...get women with real hair problems....#getreal
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Posted by Sam on March 24, 2015 This stuff is great, my hair is shiney, soft and healthy looking. I have fine highlighted hair, this just is amazing! Doesn't flatten or weigh hair down, just makes it shine and look amazing.
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