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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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You are the Living Proof
Restore Instant Repair
Try it!
Posted by KW on January 21, 2015 I had no intention of actually using this product even though I got a free sample...I am sooooo glad I tried it anyway. I have very fine, thin hair and "restoring" products ALWAYS weigh my hair down and make it look disgusting. This product is different, it repairs hair without weighing it down! I have no idea how they made it work, but it totally does :)
Curl Conditioning Wash
Living Proof saved my hair
Posted by Mia on January 21, 2015 I have extremely long, wavy hair that was turning into a knotted rat's nest of a mess. I had tried every natural, moisture-infusing, hair-repairing product out there to no avail. I was this close < > to chopping off all my hair and starting over again. Living Proof was literally my last ditch effort to save my hair and I couldn't be happier with the results! I started with the Restore Hair Mask to repair some of the damage and then moved to the Curl products. I have been using the Curl Line, with the mousse, for almost a month now. My hair reflects light so beautifully and my hair improves with every application. (My knots are almost non-existent at this point.) For years now, I have only washed my hair twice a week and I find the Curl Line performs that long without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy. It took me several tries to get the mousse to create the thick waves I prefer (trick - apply mousse to sopping wet hair + air dry) and adding the Roof Lifting Spray gives me just enough lift at the crown to make it look natural. So happy with this line!
Restore Instant Protection
Helping my hair grow!
Posted by LT on January 21, 2015 I have curly hair that I blow out and flat iron. I used to use relaxers, protein treatments- all that just caused a lot of breakage especially at the hair line. Someone at the gym recommended I try living proof. First thing I thought, "she can not be serious, her hair is normal straight hair and mine is 3c curly & fine, she does not know what she is talking about!" But then I tried the product,...first the no frizz, amazing! Then this restore protector! I am finally seeing the real growth I have been waiting for since stopping the chemical treatments almost 3 years ago! I know living proof does not advertise for ethnic or curly hair girls but I am seeing really great results for a forty something lady who has been around the block and back when it comes to hair product! Please consider more product for us, what you are doing is pretty fantastic!!!
Prime Style Extender Cream
love it
Posted by sheri on January 19, 2015 I can not live without this product. my hair is oily and this makes such a difference it is unbelievable.
Prime Style Extender Cream
This is a great product
Posted by Suzy SM on January 19, 2015 My stylist did my hair on Wednesday morning using this product. It is not Monday morning and my hair still looked good (but I washed it anyway). Along the way, I touched it up with some Amp , Texture Mist and Flex and a few hot rollers. But it looked clean and frizz free and styled and pretty the whole time. Actually, it still looked pretty good this morning, but I just figure, dang, I really should wash it! Needless to say, I am SOLD

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