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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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Satin Hair Serum

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You are the Living Proof
Full Thickening Mousse
Love it!
Posted by Anita on March 04, 2015 I absolutely love this product. Gives my hair the volume I need, and lasts all day! My only criticism is the packaging. I have purchased this product twice, and both times the product stops coming out of the top when there is still quite a bit left in the can when you shake it. I have tried running hot water over the opening in case it is clogged, but that hasn't worked. I hate to keep spending money on this product if I'm only going to be able to use 3/4 of the can.
Restore Instant Repair
Posted by LaTonaya on March 04, 2015 I am african american and I use a lot of chemicals on my hair...color,texturizes, products, ect...I have started roller setting my hair due to breakage and damage of my hair. Basically my hair has started coming out every time I comb or brush it.Roller setting seems to be less destructive.I stopped using blow dryers,curling irons, flat irons, ect...I used Restore Instant Repair one time & noticed that my hair stopped coming out. When I saw my stylist later that same week,she asked what I was using on my hair.I plan on using the Restore Mask treatment also. If the Instant Repair worked after one use, I can't wait to try the Restore Mask. Love this product.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Perfect Product
Posted by Sarah on March 03, 2015 I have been using the PHD line for well over a year, and I can say without a doubt that my hair is the healthiest it's been since my youth. I have wavy, shoulder length thick hair (fine, thick and coarse all on one head) that is color treated and highlighted. I could never get the ends to feel like anything but straw. Now my ends are soft, not damaged, and hold a style for days. Even my hair stylist made a comment on it. I use a good dollop of PHD to style (which is usually a blow dry, or flat iron) and a shot of satin for shine and added softness. I adore these products and cannot wait to try the new overnight product. I am also eager to try the curl line, as PHD doesn't really get me to the full beach wave look. I highly recommend these products if you have difficult hair. They have changed my routine, shortening the time it takes to get ready, and eliminating the need to wash every day...I can go three days without washing. I'm down to washing twice a week, and it's great!!!
Satin Hair Serum
Curl products +Satin Serum
Posted by B in Big Sur on February 28, 2015 I have now tried all the products except the Volume line... After three months, I have learned that the correct usage and blending of various products has made a huge difference in my hair, depending on what style I'm after. I have discovered that the styling products will fix various issues if you know how to use them. An example would be~ I didn't have the shine that I wanted with the Curl line. I fixed that with half a pump of the Satin Serum. ~Restore mask fixed the dryness and I used that only,,, for one month. Then I moved on to any conditioner I wanted. ~Prime has made the style last longer and stay cleaner and I have used that with Restore, Frizz and Curl. I have wavy hair that can go straight, wavy, or curly and I have damaged it with color. Hormone changes haven't helped either...I have tried numerous products from high end to low end and these are in my opinion, the best out there! Watch the tutorials they have provided, then ask customer support for help if you don't get your question answered. This is by far the most professional company I have come across in the business of hair care... :) Thanks also, to other reviewers for helping me figure out what works and how...So worth the effort! My dry damaged hair that I thought I would have to just cut off, is now healthy, shiny, curly, wavy or straight! Yay science!!! Go team :)
Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Posted by Sabrina on February 19, 2015 I decided to purchase this product after all the reviews I read and all the awards it has won. I used it for the first time today, used a little too much maybe, and it weighed my hair down instantly. I used as directed on the container (roots to ends), maybe the roots part was not a good idea for me and my fine hair. After a couple hours in and out of the cold Minnesota air, the heaviness started to go away. I might not use this in the summer but will continue to use it in the winter, but won't take it to the roots.

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