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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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Satin Hair Serum

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You are the Living Proof
Restore Shampoo
Amazing Shampoo and Conditioner!
Posted by Elizabeth on April 12, 2015 I've tried a couple different shampoos from Living Proof and have finally found the right product! This shampoo has completely tranformed my hair back to its pre-treated, highlighting days. My hair had really started to look dull, damaged and coarse (I have to color it every 5 weeks :-( I've been using this for over a year and my hairdresser has noticed a considerable difference in the health and body of my hair! Yeah, that makes you feel great!! I also use the styling straight spray along with the satin hair serum when I want a sleek blow out, looks great and am able to give my hair a break from blowdrying for a few days. Fantastic, Thank you Living Proof!
Satin Hair Serum
What is this stuff? FAB!!!!
Posted by NinjaNurse64 on April 12, 2015 WOW! This stuff really works! I'm new the LP line. Started off trying a travel size of the shampoo...great stuff! I have thick, naturally wavy hair. I color it about once a month to cover the greys. I got a sample of the satin serum and Boom! This stuff does not weigh down my hair, it does not leave a residue, it is effective, lightweight and worth every penny. I'm buying a full size bottle. The line has superceded my expectations.
Prime Style Extender Cream
Everyone needs this
Posted by slnn on April 10, 2015 This product is intended to keep your style and hair stays cleaner - it works. Usually, I use this first, then another cream, but in the summer, I can use this on it's own without other products for my long curly hair. My hair looks great the second day with this stuff, and I love the light scent.
Restore Mask Treatment
I don't know how it works, but it's amazing
Posted by slnn on April 10, 2015 Love this product -- it really improves the texture of my curly hair, including those pesky thick gray hairs which behave much better after the mask treatment. I use this several times a week during the winter, because my hair gets so dry. Washes clean, and as always with LP, smells good.
Restore Conditioner
great conditioner for curly hair
Posted by slnn on April 10, 2015 I started using it this winter and I can't tell you what a great difference it has made. I have thick curly hair that gets really dry in the winter - this conditioners deeply and detangles. It also smells great, and doesn't feel like there is a residue. Highly recommended!

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