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Scalp Treatments: What’s All the Buzz About?

Lackluster hair? While frustrating, it might not be your hair’s fault. The root of the issue could be dandruff or dry scalp. Sadly, few people give their scalps the same love and attention they give to other parts of their bodies. For instance, it’s common to spend ten minutes enjoying a deep conditioning treatment, or a little extra time rubbing your skin with a body scrub before applying a buttery lotion post-shower.

While scalp care can sometimes feel like a hassle, there are newer, improved methods to help treat your scalp.

If you’re wondering how to moisturize your scalp, it might be time for a dry scalp treatment. 

Here, we’ll explain what a scalp treatment is, why you should try it, and how it can turn your damaged hair around.

What is a Scalp Treatment?

A scalp treatment helps restore that balance, sloughing away dead skin cells, boosting hydration levels, or soothing irritation. Typically, a scalp treatment is a product you can use at home on wet or dry hair, depending on the type, to address your unique scalp health concerns.

How do Scalp Treatments Work?

Your scalp can be a complex part of your haircare routine. Several external factors like stress, diet, weather, and pollution can impact the health of your scalp. The same goes for any not-so-great ingredients in haircare products like parabens and phthalates, that can impact your scalp and hair health.

However, scalp treatments work by applying a special blend of active ingredients directly to the scalp, where they work their magic. Each scalp treatment contains different ingredients based on the scalp issue it’s formulated to address such as thinning hair or a dry scalp. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of scalp treatment for your particular scalp health concerns. Sometimes, treatments also include massaging it in to stimulate blood flow to the scalp or simply provide a more enjoyable experience.

dry scalp treatments.

Types of Scalp Treatments

There are many types of scalp treatments, but here are a few that address the most common hair and scalp concerns. 

Scalp Treatment for Thinning Hair

If you have lackluster locks or thinning hair, a revitalizing scalp treatment is your solution. This treatment is designed to get to the root of thinning hair by combating visible negative effects from environmental stressors like diet, and pollution for fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair. It’s formulated with peptides, jojoba esters, and our Healthy Follicle Complex—like fertilizer for the scalp.

Plus, it comes with a massaging comb to use on application to help stimulate the scalp, enhancing performance and experience. You only need five minutes a day to pave the way to a healthier scalp and fuller hair. On wet or dry hair, simply apply the treatment to your scalp in sections. Use the massager to indulge in a massage for at least two minutes and then rinse it out.

Scalp Treatment for Dry Scalp or Flakes

If you’re suffering from a dry scalp, the signs include itchiness, flakiness, and irritation. In this case, you want to find dry scalp remedies. Reach for a dry scalp treatment to provide instant hydration, soothe irritated skin, and offer lasting relief.

To use it, follow the below instructions:

  1. Section clean, damp, detangled hair
  2. Apply the dry scalp treatment directly to the scalp
  3. Give yourself a scalp massage and leave it in

Do this three times a week for four weeks for a healthy scalp and hair.

There are many types of scalp treatments, but these options can address a myriad of concerns—whether your hair feels flat or thin, or if you have flakes or itchiness.

Woman applying a scalp treatment.

Benefits of Scalp Treatments

While scalp treatments can help provide hydration, they offer even more benefits. Scalp treatments can be a self-care experience. Add one to your routine by incorporating it with a lengthy scalp massage. Who doesn’t love that? 

Hair products online, like scalp treatments, are an essential scalp-care component. They can help stimulate healthy hair growth, encourage fullness, remove buildup, and supply hydration. 

A scalp you care for is a healthy scalp that produces healthy hair.

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