How to hide split ends
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How to hide split ends

When life gets busy, it can be challenging to find those moments for self-care and haircare. Often during our busy days, we allow aesthetic details (like hair upkeep) to fall by the wayside, and who can blame us?

However, what about those days when our split ends seem more pronounced than usual?

Don’t let a little frizz make you frantic. We’ve created a go-to guide for when your ends get carried away. Learn how to hide split ends and stay calm, cool, and collected—even when your schedule isn’t.

What do split ends look like?

So, what are split ends, exactly? Split ends are a result of hair damage, where your hair cuticles split into two or more strands. They can often go unnoticed in the frenzy of morning prep. Since they’re most noticeable once your hair has dried completely, it’s helpful to double-check before you shower.

Check and see whether your hair looks:

  • Frayed
  • Static
  • Feathery
  • Frizzy
  • Dry

If any of the above descriptions match what you’re seeing in the mirror, chances are you’re dealing with hair breakage and have a few split ends in your tresses. Not to worry, there are ways to smooth out the appearance of split ends.

How do split ends affect my hair?

Split ends essentially mean your hair cuticle has torn. Though split ends are no cause for concern, they can leave your hair looking a bit lackluster.

They can also point to more substantial hair damage. For example, if your hair has undergone significant bleaching or dyeing, damaged ends can often manifest as a result.1

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How can I conceal my split ends?

The most direct way to deal with split or frayed ends is to cut them off. However, if you don’t have time to book a hair appointment, there are other ways around the issue.

Hairstyles for straight hair

Styling your hair can shield the appearance of split ends or hair breakage. If you have straight hair, you can help mask your split ends by:

  • Braiding your hair
  • Tucking your hair with a claw clip
  • Curling your hair inwards (so the ends are hidden from view)

Whether you prefer wavy locks or an effortless updo, you can ensure your split ends don’t see the light of day, whether you’re home on the couch or out with friends.

Bonus tip: If your hair keeps sticking out, a dose of hairspray goes a long way. Spritz some on a fine comb for a chic, slicked-back look, or use a little all over. It’ll help hold your hairdo all day.

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Hairstyles for curly hair

If you’ve got a head full of curls, you may not be able to get away with a tight tuck. Instead, get creative with these quick and easy split end hairstyles. 

Shield your split ends by:

  • Throwing them up in a sock bun or ballerina bun
  • Going for a loose side braid
  • Covering them up with a chic hair scarf

Don’t let frayed ends stand in the way of your day. If you’re wondering how to fix damaged hair and split ends, start by employing any of these quick fixes to start your morning on a good note.

Products to conceal split ends

Whether you handle your haircare routine at 9AM or 9PM, taking time for your tresses with a split end treatment is essential. One of the best ways to conceal and prevent split ends is to give them a little help.

Before heading out for the day, give your damaged hair the attention it deserves. A small amount of product can go a long way when it comes to:

  • Hydration – If your hair suffers from dryness and frizz, you may need to introduce more moisture into your routine. Check out our smoothing shampoo and smoothing conditioner products if you’re searching for a soft finish.
  • Protection – Keep your hair protected with our restore leave-in conditioner. Designed to combat UV light and seal split or dry ends, you can enjoy robust, healthy hair that resists potential damage from sun rays and heat styling tools like a curling iron or blow dryer.
  • Restoration – Nourish your damaged hair with a refreshing hair mask. A deep conditioner can restore each of your strand’s moisture, softness, and shine in minutes.
  • Strength – Take your split end care to the next level by trying a bond building hair treatment designed to reduce signs of split ends and give your locks a smooth and soft look.

When you’re learning about how to treat split ends, there are plenty of ways to cater to the needs of your damaged strands. For instance, you may discover that a hair repair treatment is exactly what your tresses need––a process designed to restore your hair’s outermost protective layer and help reduce the appearance of split ends after just one use.

If you want to learn more about what your ends require, take our hair quiz to discover products you can add to your haircare routine.

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Take your time back with Living Proof

For those days when you feel short on time, don’t cut yourself short. Morning or night, taking just a little time for your hair can help transform its appearance.

At Living Proof, our hair products online are supported with scientifically-backed research and nourishing ingredients so that you can rely on our products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and strong all day long.

  1. Grosvenor, A J et al. “The physical and chemical disruption of human hair after bleaching – studies by transmission electron microscopy and redox proteomics.” International journal of cosmetic science vol. 40,6 (2018): 536-548. doi:10.1111/ics.12495.
  2. Gao, Timothy. “Evaluation of hair humidity resistance/moisturization from hair elasticity.” Journal of cosmetic science vol. 58,4 (2007): 393-404.

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