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Transform hair to look and behave as if it was never damaged at all

My hair has been FRIED from excessive bleaching, so badly that it was breaking and I won't even dare to blow dry it. After one use of this, my hair feels INCREDIBLE. It's soft, shiny and smooth, just like the product promises!"

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When used together as a regimen, the Restore line keeps hair cleaner longer and breaks the cycle of damage.


Defeat Damage

Break the cycle of damage. Restore technology is clinically proven to make hair 20x stronger in just 14 days.  And the longer you use it, the healthier your hair gets.

No retouching.
Just Living Proof.

Restore smoothes, corrects and protects from root-to-tip, making a damaged cuticle act like new.  Hair is shinier, softer and stronger. Like virgin hair - never colored, heat styled or chemically processed.

How It Works

Our patented Healthy Hair molecule (OFPMA) creates a weightless shield around each hair strand that repairs damaged cuticles and protects from further damage and breakage so hair has time to heal.

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The science behind Restore

Restore is the only silicone and oil-free solution for dry, damaged hair.  It leverages our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) to create a microfine Restorative Shield that: helps damaged cuticles act like new, restores moisture levels to that of healthy, undamaged hair and repels dirt and oil so you can shampoo and style less often for a healthier hair care routine.