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Perfect hair Day (PhD)

night cap overnight perfector

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Night Cap is the ultimate beauty sleep for your hair. This easy-to-use solution gives you one week of shiny, vibrant, and more manageable hair overnight. Apply it before bed (to dry or damp hair), go to sleep, and wake up with:

  • Shiny hair for days. Our weightless radiance refractors outperform silicones and oils.
  • Long-lasting, vibrant color. Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) combined with long-lasting cuticle sealing technology helps smooth the cuticle and reduce pigment loss.
  • More manageable hair. Amino acids condition and protect against your daily styling habits and other environmental assaults
  • Overnight results that last. These benefits last all week (up to 5 shampoos).

Night Cap is weightless, fast absorbing, pillow-safe, and perfect for all hair types.

Silicone-free. Oil-free. 


Wake up to beautiful, healthy looking hair. This fast-absorbing, pillow-safe formula is so genius, it works while you sleep.

Use before bed. Apply to damp or dry hair. Start with 2-3 pumps. Spread product between hands. Evenly distribute from root to tip, focusing on ends. Use more depending on hair thickness or length. Comb through and leave on overnight. Style or wash out in the morning.

Use as often as needed. Fast absorbing. Pillow safe.


The Problem: Everyday occurances like the weather, brushing, blow-drying, shampooing, and even pulling your hair into a ponytail can cause stress and damage to healthy hair every single day.

The Solution: Night Cap transforms the way your hair looks, feels, and behaves overnight. The power-packed formula targets hair from the inside out, combining our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), amino acids, and time-released conditioners to:

  • Keep hair smooth, soft, and shiny
  • Make hair strong, healthy, and more manageable
  • Protect and seal the cuticle for long-lasting, vibrant color


How does Night Cap compliment other Living Proof treatments? How do I know which treatment is right for me?

Night Cap is a perfect complement to existing Living Proof treatments. Think of it like a wheat grass shot on top of your green juice. If you have an overarching concern, such as damage or frizz, we recommend you continue using your existing regimen in addition to Night Cap.

  • If damage is your primary concern, use Restore Mask, Instant Protection or Instant Repair to undo the damage. Add Night Cap to help keep your hair healthy.
  • If frizz is a major concern, use No Frizz Leave In Conditioner to block humidity and fight frizz. Add Night Cap to help keep your hair healthy.

Is Night Cap Keratin/Straightening treatment safe?

Night Cap is keratin and straightening treatment safe.  Keratin and straightening treatments are damaging to hair. Night Cap is a perfect product for anyone seeking to keep hair looking and feeling great, particularly after having a straightening treatment.

Night Cap is also sodium-chloride free so it will not affect the results of your treatment.

Will using a clarifying shampoo defeat the benefits of Night Cap?

Night Cap lasts through multiple shampoos, including when you use a clarifying shampoo. 

In general, we recommend not over-using clarifying cleansers, as they strip hair, adding to the cycle of damage.


When should I use Night Cap if I color my hair?

We recommend using Night Cap the evening after your color service at a salon.

If you color your hair at home, apply the color according the manufacturer’s directions. Then follow with Night Cap. 


If I use Night Cap the night before a color service or coloring my hair at home, will it affect my color?

Night Cap restores your hair to a virgin condition so it will be no different than coloring your hair for the first time. The results of your color will be the same.


Can Night Cap be used over any other serums or anti-breakage creams that are normally applied right after showering?

We recommend not applying Night Cap over a silicone or oil-based serum because they minimize the ability for Night Cap to soak into your hair. We recommend if you have a lot of styling product in your hair, to brush your hair to help remove any residue before applying Night Cap.

If you wash your hair in the evening, we recommend you apply Night Cap prior to any other stylers or leave-ins to ensure the greatest benefits from Night Cap. You may not find the additional stylers or leave-ins necessary on the nights you apply Night Cap.


Are the benefits different if you leave it in vs. rinse/shampoo it out the next morning?

The benefits will be the same regardless if you leave it in or rinse/shampoo it out of your hair the next morning. Night Cap’s benefits build over time so do whatever works best for your routine.


If I use Restore Targeted Repair Cream, can I use Night Cap as well?

Yes, Restore Targeted Repair Cream and Night Cap work well together to keep you hair its healthiest and split-end free.

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    2015 Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors, Cosmetic Innovatory of the Year (CITY) Award for Product Innovation, Haircare
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