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Living Proof


The simplified solution for beautiful, healthy hair

After using just once I loved how my hair looked and felt I was instantly hooked...It even looked great for the next day or two with just a little refreshing. Yet again another amazing product from Living Proof!" - Debby

the collection

When the complete Perfect hair Day line is used together as a regimen, hair stays cleaner, longer and looks and feels, well, perfect.

Keep your hair healthy

Even if you’re good to your hair, everyday elements like weather, brushing and blow-drying still take their toll. Our science works hard to help keep your strands healthy.

You’re not dreaming…

Now you can catch your ZZZs and your PhD at the same time. Our new, pillow-safe Night Cap Overnight Protector works to perfect hair while you’re fast asleep, so you wake up ready to go. Plus, the benefits last all week (up to 5 shampoos).

No retouching.
Just Living Proof.

PhD transforms your hair to its optimal condition for
stronger, healthier and more manageable hair. The results are instant and get better over time.

The science behind Healthy Hair

Washing your hair every day is a huge no-no. That’s why it’s so important to use products that help keep your hair cleaner, longer (because most don’t). This demo shows you why. We used products containing silicones and oils (the most common ingredients in haircare) on one half of our model’s head. And on the other, we used Living Proof products with our proprietary technology. Then we dumped on dirt – or in this case, cornstarch. It’s meant to simulate the dirt, oil, and environmental debris your hair comes in contact with every day. When she shook out her hair, the dirt stuck to the silicone side but ours was still clean. Which side would you rather have?

Living Proof's Healthy Hair Molecule OFPMA repels dirt and oil so your hair stays cleaner, longer.