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A styling mousse that shapes and defines natural waves and curls that need a boost. When the complete Curl line is used together, curls are beautiful, defined and frizz free - and they stay that way 2x longer. Powered by our Extended Curl Memory, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse:

  • provides frizz and humidity protection
  • creates flexible, long lasting touchable curls
  • extra hold
  • light conditioning

For extra conditioning, use with our Curl Defining Styling Cream or No Frizz Leave In Conditioner

Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse is ideal for naturally wavy or curly hair. It is silicone-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair. 


Shake can well before each application and hold upright to dispense. Apply an egg-sized amount to WET hair, evenly distributing from roots to ends. Apply more as needed. Apply to damp hair if you want to feel the hold. The amount you use will vary based on your hair’s density, length, and porosity. For best results, let hair air dry or heat style using a diffuser.


  • Apply Curl Leave-In Conditioner first if your hair is dry and parched
  • When cocktailing Curl Mousse with either Curl Cream or Curl Leave-In, using more Mousse will result in an end style with more hold; using more Cream or Leave-In will result in an end style with more conditioning
  • Touch & break up your waves/curls after air drying to release body & volume
  • If your hair is frizz prone, don’t touch or disrupt your curls until they’re completely dry
  • To reactivate your curls, apply No Frizz Weightless Spray to dry hair. This will reactivate the Mousse’s hold and conditioning levels. Or, mix more Curl Mousse with water in your hand, then apply to dry hair to reactivate your curl pattern.  

Recommend regimen by curl type:

  • Wavy hair: Curl Conditioning Wash, Curl Detangling Rinse and Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse
  • Curly hair: Curl Conditioning Wash, Curl Detangling Rinse and Curl Defining Styling Cream
  • Coily hair: Curl Conditioning Wash, Curl Detangling Rinse and Curl Defining Styling Cream
  • For all curl types: If you need more conditioning, use No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

See the individual products for specific application tips. 


Will Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse dry out my hair?

No, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse is formulated with Extended Curl Memory technology featuring time-released conditioners that keep curls conditioned for long-lasting, smooth, defined curls.

Will Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse weigh my hair down?

Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse will hydrate and smooth curls. It is silicone-free and oil-free.

Does Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse build up on hair?

No, unlike silicone-based products, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse does not build up on your hair. Further, it washes out with Curl Conditioning Wash or any shampoo.

How does the Curl definition and frizz protection get stronger if it doesn’t build up?

The coating that OFPMA forms becomes more uniform with multiple applications and therefore is more effective at blocking humidity from entering the hair shaft.

Are the humidity protection and frizz-free results immediate?

Yes, you will see results after one use of Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse. However, the OFPMA shield becomes stronger the longer you use it and can be maintained with consistent use of Curl products.

Do I need to use the entire Curl line to see results?

No, however, each Curl product offers a unique benefit and when used as a system, will create beautiful, frizz free, defined curls that last 2x longer.

Can Curl be used with other Living Proof products?

Yes, Curl can be used with all other Living Proof products.

We recommend No Frizz Leave In Conditioner for additional conditioning and frizz protection.

No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray or Prime Style Extender (cream or spray) to reactivate curls between days where you cleanse with Curl Conditioning Wash or shampoo.

Can Curl be used with non-Living Proof products?

Yes, Curl can be used with non-LP products, however, we recommend pairing with Curl Conditioning Wash and Curl Detangling Rinse to see the best results.

Is it compatible with perms, color and other chemical treatments?

Yes, Curl is compatible with these types of treatments. These treatments make your hair slightly dry and very porous, so the added conditioning in Curl Conditioning Wash and Curl Defining Styling Cream is ideal.

Is it safe for color and chemically treated hair?

Yes, like all Living Proof products Curl is safe and formulated for color or chemically processed hair. 

love notes

Perfect curls every time!
Posted by SL on October 18, 2017

I start with a little PFD Night Cap as a leave in conditioner, followed by No Frizz Cream and then this mousse and I air dry. I get defined, soft curls and body every time. I have medium texture hair that tends to frizz but this combo works even in humidity/rain.

Perfect, frizz free curls!
Posted by Amber on January 30, 2017

I have curly hair which is very prone to frizz and this is literally the only mousse I've tried that actually prevents frizz all day. My curls are much more defined when I used this mousse compared to when I use any other mousse. I also absolutely love the smell of this product, as I always get compliments on it. The scent is light yet still noticeable when I walk past. The only reason I did not give this a five star rating is the price. I go through a bottle per month, as I must use this everyday. As a college student, this is really a very expensive item for me!

The secret product
Posted by Rachael on February 04, 2015

My hair type is lonng, thicck, coursse, and wavy. Without living proof products my wave doesn't happen unless I used a moose to make my hair crunchy to hold a wave. If I do get a wave to not be super frizzy it doesn't stay through the day.
I've been using the curl line for 3 weeks now and I've been using the Frizz line from Living Proof since 2012? 11? Idk but I am very impressed with living proof, it has made me love my hair. BUT back to this new awesome product. From using this new curl enhancing styling mousse my hair now is instantly transformed into what it always wanted to look like. (with minimal work) It has the definition of waves without the frizz, I can run my hands through it and it doesn't break the wave down to frizz, and it stays for days!
-less is more- even though my hair is super thick and course I do not need to use the curl defining styling cream. (I tried the 2oz size) I just have a wave in my hair (as much as I would like to think I have a curl I do not, its a wave) The eggs size amount recommendation for normal hair is appropriate. (my hair is like twice the normal amount a person has on their head so I have to use 2 egg size amounts.)
How I apply:I look down so my hair hangs down in front of my face. I put an egg size amount in my hand, split it in between my hands, and lightly graze the length of my hair section by section. I do this until I have the product evenly distributed. After I can visually see the product is evenly distributed I then work the product in by "scrunching" my hair (gathering it at the ends and scrunching it to my scalp)
-Styling- I've been doing 2 things, air drying and blow drying.
air drying: scrunching is a must when I first apply the product
blow drying: I'm using a diffuser attachment on the end of my hair dryer now and Ladies I am impressed! Drying my hair without a diffuser takes 1hr (my hair is super thick and course) and before using curl mousse drying my hair with a blow dryer meant it was going to be straight. Now when I use the diffuser and curl mousse it takes 25min to dry and my hair is runway wavy.

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When the complete Curl line is used together as a regimen, curls are beautiful, defined, frizz-free and last 2X longer.

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