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We Skipped Washing Our Hair After Spin Class, Here’s How

For the past six years, one of the most frequently asked question we’ve gotten is, “Why don’t you have a dry shampoo?” Here at Living Proof, we don’t believe in releasing a product that doesn’t perform (and frankly, most dry shampoos out there don’t really clean your hair).  So when our chemist Betsy Wienslaw came to us one day excited about a breakthrough with a dry shampoo formula, even we were a little skeptical. Could there really be a dry shampoo that actually cleans hair and doesn’t leave behind a powdery residue? We had to put it to what we call a torture test.

We put on our workout clothes and headed over to the nearest spin studio to break a sweat. The results shocked even the biggest skeptics in the office.

What makes this dry shampoo so good? “We took the time to figure out how other dry shampoos work and how we can do it better,” says Betsy. Most dry shampoos claim to clean hair, but they work by depositing powders on the scalp that soak up oil – then stay there. So what’s different about Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo? For starters, it soaks up oil and sweat so you can hit a sweaty workout class and skip shampooing after. Plus, as Betsy explains, “it contains one of our proprietary ingredients, OFPMA, which allows you to be able to shake the powders off your hair and all the sweat, oil, and odor go along with it.” So there you have it. Around here, we’ve gone many days, and many workouts, without washing our hair. How long can you go?

  • Beka Daniel

    Love this! Question for you, would you blow dry your hair then apply the dry shampoo or the opposite?

    • Katie Getchell

      I regularly go 5 days including 2 spin classes. Blow dry while still in ponytail after shower then use dry shampoo. Looks better than the day I washed it!

      • SaRawrs

        I don’t understand how some women can go so long without washing their hair…Max for me is two days, then it is so oily and gross and limp that I have to do something about it.

        • Living Proof

          Frankly, we didn’t believe our scientists either. But they came up with something amazing. Give this a try and let us know how long you can go.

          • SaRawrs

            I’ll give it a shot….why not

          • Patty McPhearson Hetrick

            I can honestly say that after using Living Proof shampoo and conditioner and dry shampoo in between, I can go 4-5 days without washing my hair. I just started using it (about 7 washes) and couldn’t believe it! I usually wash my hair every other day because the hair around my face gets oily pretty quickly and then the rest becomes limp. I have thick, healthy, fairly straight hair.

          • Livs

            @abombchivette:disqus I was an every day washer occasionally every other day. I have a new Living Proof regimen; full shampoo, full conditioner, dry shampoo and full dry volume blast. I am washing every 3-4 days with spin classes in the mix. And my hair can actually have more volume the 2nd and 3rd day, seriously I wear my hair down the 3rd and 4th day:-) 2nd day used to always be a ponytail day!
            Life changing time saver and my hair is so much healthier. I may even start to stretch it out further. I have fairly thick, fine hair that was always oily the second day.

          • Living Proof

            Thank you so much for sharing! We love that you’ve found your Living Proof regimen, and that you’re loving your hair <3

      • C.S

        gross. so you go to two spin classes and don’t shower? That is nasty. Your body is covered in sweat.

        • Living Proof

          we definitely still recommend showering, just throw on a shower cap!

    • Living Proof

      Great question. If your hair is super sweaty, either wait for it to cool down a bit (or hit it with a blow dryer if you’re in a rush). You don’t want to apply it to sopping hair while you’re still sweating. Then go ahead and apply and after 30 seconds massage it out with your fingers, use a hairbrush, or hit it with a blow dryer. All three methods will get the powders (and dirt and sweat) out.

  • Jackie Tarlow

    What about people with curly hair?

    • Living Proof

      Works on curls, too! Shake and apply and wait 30 seconds like you normally would. Then to remove it, try a blow dryer (if you don’t want to touch your curls) or just lightly massage the powders out with your fingers.

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    Hey Living Proof…Let’s test it out on a class full of riders at Flywheel Sports. It will be a hoot! Email me!

  • Kelly

    Is this product (and your other products) tested on animals? I could use a good dry shampoo and I’m vegan. Thanks!

    • Living Proof

      Hi Kelly- we do not test our products or ingredients on animals, nor do we ask others to do so on our behalf. Hope this helps!

  • DellaPenna

    I have tried a ton of different dry shampoos and this one is by far the best. I will cry if it ever gets discontinued. I now wash my hair on Saturday mornings only. Yep, ONCE a week! And I feel like I could even push it further if I wanted to. Granted, I’ve never been a daily washer to begin with–my hair is thick enough that I used to only wash it 2-3 times per week–but it usually looked pretty limp on the last day. I sound like an ad for the product whenever the topic of dry shampoo comes up with friends or coworkers, but it truly is just life changing! I even had some friends do a sniff test on me somewhere around day 5 and I passed haha.

    • KMcComb

      How many days per week do you use the dry shampoo?

      • DellaPenna

        Usually just once. If I wash on Saturday, I usually use it Wednesday and am good to go until the next washing the following Saturday. But if I work out or do something else sweaty, I may need it again. And I’m pretty generous with the product on the day I do use it.

  • Leeny2

    Is it unscented? So many dry shampoos are overly scented.

    • Living Proof

      It has a citrus scent.

  • Eileen

    I have tried several dry shampoos in an effort to save my very expensive color treatments from my need to shampoo daily. I hated all of them that I tried. My hair still felt dirty and my scalp felt like gook in it. Then I tried this product a month or so ago. I LOVE it! I feel like it cleans my scalp and perks up the volume of my hair. I also think it smells great! Very fresh and clean. Thank you!

    • Living Proof

      Thank YOU for your kind comment. So glad you’re loving our Dry Shampoo 🙂

  • KristinK

    I have short, fine hair. I’ve tried going up to three days without washing, but my hair just looks too limp and greasy. I have used your product before, but I can’t say that it solved this problem. Any tips?

    • Alana Brooks

      Hi Kristin, do you use any of our other products, like our shampoo and conditioner? They can definitely help extend the time between washes, especially when used with our Dry Shampoo.

    • Living Proof

      What shampoo and conditioner do you use? For best results, you’ll want to go with silicone free options (all of our products are silicone free) in addition to our Dry Shampoo. Also, make sure you’re shaking really well before applying so that the powders are properly mixed.

  • Shaley Lucas

    Tell me if this is good practice: spray dry shampoo and NOT rub out and go to bed. In the morning the residue is gone.

    • Living Proof

      That’s definitely a hack that many people have tried. If it works for you, that’s great!

  • Candace Trent

    I’ve tried what feels like 100 dry shampoos. This one is the best! I have fine hair and usually wash everyday but now I can extend it out. I did wonder if you are supposed to blow dry or air dry the sweat after a workout, then apply dry shampoo or apply wet?

    • Living Proof

      Hi Candace- so glad you’re loving our Dry Shampoo. It does work best on dry hair, so make sure to blow dry or air dry after a workout if you’re hair is very wet and then apply.

  • Kim Possible Ciesla

    Is it perfumed? I found that was the problem in the past with other dry shampoos – the fragrance was so strong (triggers my allergies – and I have to wash my hair to get the stink out from all the perfume in the dry shampoo.

    • Living Proof

      It has a light citrus scent.

  • shirley

    i love this product but a recent purchase of two travel sized cans left me with one stopping after one spray. thank goodness I still had the other. What can I do? I switched spray heads and it still doesn’t work. I am cruising at sea so would love to know how to get it to work.

    • Living Proof

      Please send us an email ( and we can help!

  • Melanie

    Okay question. When people say they don’t wash their hair, do they at least get it wet in the shower and not use shampoo? Or do they cover it with a shower cap? I am trying to figure out what’s better.

    • Living Proof

      Great question! The shower cap would be ideal, because then your hair will stay dry, and our Dry Shampoo is meant to be applied to dry hair.

      • Melanie

        Thanks! I have found that at least rinsing my hair off in the shower somewhat helped with freshness and smell even when applying dry shampoo after drying hair after rinsing. But I’d like to try your dry shampoo; seems like it combats the smell/freshness issue. 🙂

  • terilg

    Question – does this product remove enough sweat to prevent the sweat from deteriorating keratin treatments?