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About Neotensil™

Neotensil™ is a first-of-its-kind, invisible shapewear™ film that dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags within hours.

Discover this at-home, non-invasive solution to unsightly under-eye bags. It works immediately. No surgery. No needles.

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My patients were astounded by the results. They felt that they looked anywhere from five to ten years younger after applying the product.- Dr. Arielle Kauvar

The Neotensil™ Complete Kit

  • Step 1: Reshaping Base and Step 2: Activating Layer - The Neotensil™ Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure requires the careful application of two layers. After applying a smooth, uniform layer of the Reshaping Base to coat the skin's surface, you will glide the Activating Layer on top to activate the formation of the Neotensil™ film.
  • The Neotensil™ Reshaping Tool - Engineered with a low friction surface to ensure a smooth, consistent application of Step 1 and Step 2. The patented* shape provides accurate hand positioning for maximum control and application pressure.
  • Skin Prep Towelettes - Prepare your under-eye area for application using these towelettes specifically formulated to work with Neotensil™.
  • Remover and Remover Pads - When you are ready, use these two components to efficiently and gently remove Neotensil™.


  • Under Eye Coverage Powder - Available in five shades to match your skin tone and enhance your appearance by providing additional coverage for any skin discoloration or dark circles, or to blend with full-face makeup. Blending brush included.

Neotensil™ is exclusively available from select medical professionals.

How it works

The Neotensil™ Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure requires the precise application of two layers. When combined, this proprietary* system immediately activates to form the invisible cross-linked film.

  • Step 1: Reshaping BaseLays the foundation of support.

  • Step 2: Activating LayerCross-links with the Reshaping Base.

  • Skin ShapingAs the two steps activate, the Neotensil™ film takes shape.

  • Invisible & Immediate ResultsNeotensil™ dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many applications are in each box of Neotensil?

    ~50 applications, enough for about 7 weeks of once daily use on both eyes.

  • What are the active ingredients?

    Neotensil™ is a proprietary blend of polymers that provide compression, smoothing and superior hydrating benefits.

  • Is Neotensil™hypoallergenic? Has it been tested on sensitive skin?

    Neotensil™ is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, but has not been specifically tested on sensitive skin. Clinical product testing on 600+ patients has shown no concerns for sensitive skin.

  • Is Neotensil™ non-comedogenic?

    Neotensil™ has not been tested for comedogenicity (clogging of pores). However, clinical product testing on 600+ patients suggests it has no comedogenic potential.

  • Does Neotensil™ contain parabens?

    No, it is paraben-free.

  • Is Neotensil™ painful?

    Neotensil™ is painless.  It is a first-of-its-kind topical, non-invasive solution for under-eye bags.

  • What does Neotensil™ feel like?

    When you first start using Neotensil™, you may feel a tightening sensation – this means the product is working. 

  • Can Neotensil™ be worn by all skin tones?

    Neotensil™ is suitable for fair to medium deep skin tones.  Ask your physician if the Under-Eye Coverage Powder would be a beneficial addition for deep tones. 

  • Can Neotensil™ be worn by all skin types (e.g. oily, dry, combination)?

    Yes, Neotensil™ is suitable for all skin types.

  • Can Neotensil™ be worn with contact lenses?

    Yes. Neotensil™ is suitable for contact lens wearers. Contact lenses should be inserted prior to applying Neotensil™. If lenses must be reinserted while wearing Neotensil™, use care to minimize any friction on the under-eye area. Gently blot any contact lens solution from the under-eye area immediately. Saline solution and other contact lens solutions may compromise the performance and aesthetics of Neotensil™.

  • Can Neotensil™ be worn with glasses?

    Yes. Glasses can be worn once the Neotensil™ film is fully formed on the skin (2 - 4 minutes after application). Do not apply Neotensil™ on the nose-bridge area where glasses sit, as friction will cause the edges to lift.

  • Is it safe to use Neotensil™ after its best if used by date?

    Neotensil™ is safe to use.  You will achieve optimal results by using Neotensil™ before the date on the package.

  • Can Neotensil™ be incorporated into my existing make-up and skin care routine?

    Commercially available make-up and skin care products may be worn on all areas of the face EXCEPT the under-eye area where Neotensil™ will be applied. It is imperative that   Neotensil™ be applied to clean, product-free, dry skin. No concealer, foundation, skin moisturizer, serum, treatment, sunscreen or sunless tanner can be applied under, over or at the borders of Neotensil™. Use of these products will compromise Neotensil™ performance and aesthetics.

    We recommend that all make-up and skincare be applied first, avoiding the under-eye area. Then, clean with a Skin Prep Towelette to ensure the area is clean and product free before applying Neotensil™.

  • What can be used to cover dark circles since commercial concealer or foundation may not be used?

    Neotensil™ Under-Eye Coverage Powder (sold separately) in one of 5 shades may be used to conceal dark circles. This microfine, loose powder has been formulated to work with Neotensil™. The Under-Eye Coverage Powder features buildable coverage and sun protection with SPF 15. The concealer brush (included) has been engineered for optimal powder pick up and gentle, precise deposition without disturbing the Neotensil™ underneath.

  • Can men use Neotensil™?

    The majority of Living Proof’s testing to date has been conducted on women.  We suggest men request an in-office trial of Neotensil™ from their physician to see how Neotensil™ works for them before purchasing.

  • Is it necessary to wait between application of steps 1 and 2?

    No. Step 2 should be applied immediately after applying step 1 to both eyes.

  • What specific instructions must be followed after applying Neotensil™?

    Neotensil™ will take 3-5 minutes to dry and 10-15 minutes to develop into a matte finish film. To accelerate a matte finish, use the Neotensil™ Under-Eye Coverage Powder 10 minutes after applying Neotensil™.  Refrain from touching, scratching or rubbing the under-eye area. For best results, maintain a neutral expression during the application and development of Neotensil™ – excessive facial or eye expressions may affect Neotensil™ aesthetics.

  • Does Neotensil™ need to be removed?  How long can it be worn?

    Neotensil™ can be worn all day and through the night, if desired. With continued wear, Neotensil™ may begin to flake, at which point it should be removed and re-applied.  The duration of wear will vary by skin type, activity level, and care, but on average the results should last 16 hours.

  • Do extreme weather conditions affect Neotensil™ application and performance?

    No. Weather conditions may affect tactile feeling, but they will not affect aesthetics or performance.

  • Will perspiration affect the durability or aesthetics of Neotensil™?

    No.  Perspiration does not affect performance or aesthetics.  Perspiration should be removed with gentle blotting motions to minimize friction in the treated area. 

  • Will the daily manipulation of the delicate under-eye area lead to more wrinkles?

    If Neotensil™ is applied and removed according to the provided instructions, the gentle manipulation of the under-eye area should not cause more wrinkles.

  • I use retinoids near or under my eye. What can I expect when I use Neotensil™?

    As your physician may have told you, retinoids (e.g. Retin A, Products that contain Trentinoin or Retinol) have a tendency to make the skin on which they are applied more sensitive. Because of this heightened sensitivity due to the retinoid, you may feel a temporary tingling sensation during the application process, specifically with the cleansing step. To minimize sensation, follow the application instructions as you normally would except use gentle dabbing motions instead of wiping motions when cleaning the under-eye area with the Skin Prep Towelette. Using too much pressure and wiping motions may irritate the area. If prolonged irritation occurs, consult with your physician to discuss options.

  • Can Neotensil™ be removed by peeling it off instead of using the remover pads?

    No, this form of removal is neither gentle nor efficient and will only stretch the skin.

  • Is it necessary to use the Neotensil™ Remover or will any commercially available remover work?

    While other commercially available removers may work, the Neotensil™ Remover has been specifically formulated and tested to gently and efficiently remove Neotensil™.

  • Can the Neotensil™ Remover be used to remove all make-up?

    Yes. The Remover will remove Neotensil™ as well as any waterproof or non-waterproof make-up.

  • What is the white substance that comes off when Neotensil™ is removed? Is it peeling of skin?

    No. It is the dissolution of the Neotensil™ film itself.

  • Why does the skin wrinkle-up excessively after the remover is applied?

    It is not the skin wrinkling; it is the Neotensil™ film that swells and wrinkles. 

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