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Get the Look

It's easy to get the Wedding-Worthy Updo look using Living Proof products. See below for the techniques our stylists used to create it.

Wedding-Worthy Updo

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  • 1) Prepped hair with Flex Shaping Hairspray or Instant Texture Mist to give it some grip.
  • 2) Tease the hair gently at the crown and secure loosely just below the ear on the opposite side from your part.
  • 3) Once your ponytail is secure, you can gently pull on the hair in the crown to add some more volume in areas that may have flattened out when you put it up.  Apply Flex Shaping Hairspray to give your hair some hold.
  • 4) Create sub sections of the pony tail and curl each section with a 1” iron. Gently brush out each section separately after its curled.
  • 5) Roll and pin each sub section to head. (Note: each roll and pin does not need to be perfect. Let a few strands fall looser for a softer look.)  
  • 6) Let the layers around the face fall out naturally so it doesn’t feel too stiff. Finish with Flex Shaping Hairspray .