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Get the Look

It's easy to get the Pinterest-Worthy Ponytail look using Living Proof products. See below for the techniques our stylists used to create it.

Pinterest-Worthy Ponytail

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  • 1) Start with clean damp hair.
  • 2) Apply Blowout from roots to ends and blow out using a round brush. Make sure to over-direct the hair for maximum volume.
  • 3) Tease the crown area.
  • 4) Gently pull your hair back so as not to flatten all the volume you just created. Wrap a ponytail holder around the base of the ponytail, securing tighly to head. Gently and slowly pull out hair around elastic. Then, tighten ponytail. Repeat this until you achieve the desired texture and volume look you want.
  • 5) Use the tail end of a comb to pull out any areas that need fluffing.