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Living Proof


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It's easy to get the Modern Bombshell look using Living Proof products. See below for the techniques our stylists used to create it.

Modern Bombshell

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  • 1) Starting clean, damp hair, mist 2” sections with Full Root Lift and Blowout. Blowout using a flat boar bristle brush. Tip: start at the front of head and work your way to the back.
  • 2) Roll and pin while still hot, repeating until head is pinned and set, let cool.
  • 3) Brush through sections with a flat boar bristle brush.
  • 4) Using a 1 ¼” iron, curl sections, mist with Flex Shaping Hairspray and repin. Repeat for entire head.
  • 5) Once set is cool, remove pins and brush through to deconstruct the set.
  • 6) Lift and mist with Full Dry Volume Blast throughout root area first, then flipping head back and forth mist midlengths to ends until desired style is achieved.