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Living Proof


Get the Look

It's easy to get the Double Pony look using Living Proof products. See below for the techniques our stylists used to create it.

Double Pony

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  • 1) Start with hair that has been styled with Full Dry Volume Blast to create volume and texture throughout.
  • 2) Section out the crown area using a rattail comb.
  • 3) Section out center triangle and secure with elastic.
  • 4) Mist sides with Full Dry Volume Blast . Brush through.
  • 5) Knot 3 elastic bands together.
  • 6) Use Flex Shaping Hairspray to smooth and tame fly aways. Gather Left side into one of the elastics and secure next to the center pony. Repeat for right side creating another pony. Spray each with Full Dry Volume Blast and back comb at base of pony tails.
  • 7) Slice and tease each section of the crown area and incorporate into 2 ponytails.
  • 8) Use a brush and Flex Shaping Hairspray to smooth and polish. Twist and secure crown to rest of pony.