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This Just In: Healthy Hair Starts in the Shower

Photo by Little J Style, a blogger we love.

We’re willing to bet that lots of people out there don’t think shampoo and conditioner matter—after all, don’t you wash them down the drain? But here’s the thing: shampoo and conditioner are actually the foundation of healthy hair. You should care about them as much (if not more!) than any other hair products you use. And not brag too much but ours work differently. Think: shampoos that let you shampoo less often. Here’s a rundown of why you should be pickier when it comes to your cleansing routine.


Why do I need it? Whether you’re a daily hair washer, or you’re able to go a week between shampoos (good for you!) cleansing your hair, and more importantly, your scalp, is a must. Over time, product, dirt and oil build up on your hair, and using a shampoo is the best way to get rid of that gunk.

Why Living Proof? Unlike other shampoos on the market, our lathering shampoos are all sulfate free and extremely gentle. (Want to know more about sulfates and why they matter? Head here.) We have identified mild, non-sulfate alternatives which lather exceptionally well and get the job done…gently. Plus, all of our shampoos (and all of our products, actually) are safe for color- and chemically-treated hair.

Which shampoo is for me? We have a shampoo option for pretty much everyone. Here are some favorites:

Perfect hair Day Shampoo: Got normal hair? This one’s for you.

No Frizz Shampoo: Fighting frizz? Use this shampoo as part of the No Frizz system and your hair will stay smooth in even the most humid climates.

Full Shampoo: If you scalp tends to get oily, reach for our Full Shampoo, it’s our most clarifying.

Restore Shampoo: If your hair is damaged due to coloring or over styling, this is your best bet.

Timeless Shampoo: For those dealing with age-related changes to your hair (think: thinning, dryness). And if you color your hair, our Pre-Shampoo Treatment is a must to keep that color from fading.

Curl Conditioning Wash: For girls with curls, this is your cleanser and conditioner in one step, and it helps start to define your curl pattern in the shower.


Why do I need it? No matter how fine or oil-prone your hair is, you should NOT skip conditioner. It can help restore, detangle and protect hair as well as make it feel smooth and healthy. Fine hair is no excuse—in fact, fine hair is the most vulnerable to damage so skipping conditioner is a definite no.

Why Living Proof? Like our shampoos, our conditioners are extremely gentle. You won’t find any heavy silicones in them either, so they won’t weigh your hair down. And before you think that all your conditioner just washes out, know that our Healthy Hair Molecule (OFMPA) remains on your hair, helping it stay cleaner, longer.

Which conditioner is for me?

Perfect hair Day Conditioner: Don’t have any specific hair concerns? This one’s for you.

No Frizz Conditioner: If frizz is a major concern, grab this one. Pro tip: heading somewhere humid? If you’re not typically a No Frizz user, swap out your normal conditioner for No Frizz to help fight humidity.

Full Conditioner: Concerned conditioner is too heavy for your hair? Grab Full. It delivers all the detangling and conditioning you need, without weighing you down. It’s a favorite among our fine-haired fans.

Restore Conditioner: If you color or chemically treat your hair, Restore is for you. It’s our most conditioning formula, and when used as part of the Restore system, helps hair behave like it was not damaged at all. Don’t believe us? Check out these transformations.

Timeless Conditioner: If your hair has gotten more brittle feeling with age, this will add strength and protect from breakage.

Curl Leave-In Conditioner: If your curls tend to feel dry as the day goes on, reach for this. It has a time-release conditioning to help your curls feel soft, smooth, and well-defined.

The bottom line:

Shampoos and conditioners big players in the overall health of your hair. Choosing gentle products with benefits designed specifically for your hair type can give it a healthy base, no matter how you style it. Using Living Proof products, starting with shampoo and conditioner, can help keep your hair cleaner, longer while fighting the cycle of damage.


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