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The Right Way to Use Dry Shampoo On Curly Hair

Washing your hair every day is bad—we all get it. It’s the equivalent to breaking one of the Ten Curl Commandments: Thou shall not wash thy hair more than once a fortnight, or something like that. So what happens when it’s day two and you just can’t not wash your hair? What’s a curly girl to do? Learn to love dry shampoo. Disclosure: ours works a little differently, but it doesn’t discriminate by hair type. And in fact, it can handle even ultra-sweaty, postspin class hair. Here’s how to use it if you have curls.


Step 1: Shake VERY WELL to blend all the powders.


Step 2: Hold a good distance away and spray along your part. You will see some white and that is okay! You’re going to get rid of it in the coming steps.


Step 3: Keep parting your hair in different spots to find the dirty areas and repeat the process.


Step 4: Wait about 30 seconds for the dry shampoo to activate and absorb the dirt and oil.


Step 5: Gently flip hair upside down, slide your fingers against your scalp, and move hands very gently back and forth. This will add volume back into your hair without creating frizz.


Step 6: If you need to get out any more powder, shake gently with your fingers (using the same motion you do when shampooing).

And finally, if you feel like your hair needs a little extra something—and let’s be honest, curls could always use a little love—just take our Nourishing Oil and start at the ends, working it higher up as you go.


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