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The Prettiest Half-Updo—No Bobby Pins Required

Whenever we’re in a hair rut, we hit up hairstylist Martha Lynn Kale. She has endless easy, beautiful styles that you can actually do yourself. Like this one.

Don’t you just love a hair style that looks a little more complicated than it actually is? Bonus points if you can get away with no bobby pins. This is such a fun trick and you can do this a ton of ways. In this version I am sharing how we spruced up Sara’s hair for an evening out but you could do this with a more casual headband for everyday wear. All it takes is some texture.

Step 1: We started with “day 2” curls and blasted with Full Dry Volume Blast.  This will not only give volume and texture but will help the style hold in place as well.  I think the curls give the look a more organic feel so it’s not too stiff.  If you don’t already have enough volume at the crown make sure you add Dry Volume Blast there, too, to give it a little lift.

Step 2: Carefully place a headband with some elastic in it on your head (like you are placing a crown). It has to have elastic for the next step and needs to go all the way around (think: giant rubber band).

Step 3: Start at the front and take sections of hair in front and beneath the headband and wrap it around and over to tuck it in. Continue all the way to the center and then do the other side until the headband is covered.

Voila! You are finished…you can even do this by tucking ALL of the hair in the headband so it’s an updo but we opted to leave Sara’s half up.

What do you think?  Is this something you’d try at home?

Images by Melissa Glynn Photography


Full Dry Volume Blast

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